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The newly renamed Internet Christian Library (ICLnet) has grown upon the foundation laid by The Institute for Christian Leadership (ICL), which provided its resources to Christian higher education institutions from 1983 through 1995. Those services included publishing the Faculty Dialogue and sponsoring a host of writing seminars and workshops for faculty which addressed critical issues facing Christian higher education. The Murdock Charitable Trust, of Vancouver, Washington, was primarily responsible for its support through those years. During that period, ICLnet was developed as an archive to support research, and then expanded as a ministry function of ICL. Since 1994, Worldstar Internet Technologies, Inc. has assumed the costs of hosting the ICLnet website. Volunteers continue to maintain existing materials and their links, as well as research new ones.

We are very proud of ICLnet's heritage. ICLnet was the original "Christian" internet site, founded in late 1992, and through the work of the staff, the internet became real to many colleges, schools, and churches which had not even heard the word "internet" before that time. It also provided the first online "home" for several organizations, such as Campus Crusade, and Christian Leadership Ministries. It has always been the goal of those at ICL, that the work would continue without gimmicks, or cost to its users. That goal remains the same today.

The collection contained herein has been built by the hands and hearts of a few steady colleagues, who have spent thousands of hours reviewing materials, reading books, and visiting websites, simply for the joy of ministry in pointing the way for others' research efforts and enrichment reading. Despite years passing, and all that means for human beings, ICLnet still contains one of the largest and most complete archiving of "classical" Christian materials available on the Internet. We would like to dedicate this website to two whose labors have been so valuable to this effort: Gary Bogart and John Brubaker.

It is the hope of those at Worldstar Internet Technologies that, through its support, ICLnet will continue to provide, without cost, access to classical materials that minister to the lives of all users.

We are currently in the process of revitalizing and reworking the site. One of the great benefits of working with classical materials is that their impact and vitality do not change. A new presentation doesn't bring life to them, but it can bring the documents before a new audience. They are what they are, and have, literally, stood the tests of time.

November, 2013

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