Faculty Dialogue
No. 24 (Spring 1995)

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Faculty Dialogue Index


A Word to our Readers, by Nate Olson.

The Christian Pursuit of Higher Education, by Carl F.H. Henry.

Biblical Integration in Mathematics: Why and How, by James Sellers.

The Christian College and Adult Education, by David Naugle.

Business Administration and the Liberal Arts University: Oil & Vinegar?, by John R. Sutherland.

Empowerment or Authority? Scholarly Objectives for a People of the Book, by David L. Jeffrey.

A Necessary Alternative to Liberal Arts Education, by David J. Masoner and Karen B. Salem.

Training Leaders: Can Philosophy Help?, by Paul Chamberlain.

Christian Responsibility and the Arts, by Bruce Bezaire.

Lord Jim and the Christian Reader, by Barrett Fisher.

Reassessing Bible College Distinctives, by Robert W. Ferris & Ralph E. Enlow, Jr.

... Christian Faith and Science ...

Open Debate on Life's Origin, by Stephen Meyer.

Hidden Threads: Toward a Sociotheological Hermeneutic, by Russell Heddendorf.

Theology, Science & Creation: Extending the Horizon of Science and the Christian Faith, by Calvin B. DeWitt.

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