Faculty Dialogue
Issue #25, Fall 1995

Copyright © 1995, Institute for Christian Leadership. All rights reserved.


A Word to our Readers, by Nate Olson

Section I: Worldview

Teaching Philosophy in a Bible College: Retraining the Evangelical Mind, by Bruce A. Little

Critical Thinking and the Christian Perspective: A Response to Baird and Soden , by Wendy Dutton, Thomas Hart, and Rebecca Patten

A Choice of Descriptions: Self, Race and Grace in Christian Higher Education , by Donald H. Wacome

Spirituality and Academics Conference - Samford University
Interaction: Personality, The Added Factor to Academic Discipline and Faith, by Morgan Ponder

Interaction of My Discipline and My Faith, by Marlene Mints Reed

Reflections on Christian Faith and Legal Practice, by Thomas C. Berg

Relections on the Integration of Faith, Learning and Life, by Gary J. Percesepe

Section II: Pedagogy

The Pedagogical Impulse in The Pilgrim's Progress, by Deborah McCollister

Using Business Rather Than Non-Profit Organizations for Charity and Evangelism: Now and Beyond 2000, by Harold J. Harder.

Making Space for Absent Others: Towards a Multicultural Pedagogy, by Brian Kennedy

I Lead Three Lives: Higher Education Vocations in a Biblical Perspective, by Dale Goldsmith

The Artist as Hero, by Marion Deckert

Section III: Christian Faith & Science

Scientific Understanding and Christian Faith, by Lyman Kulathungam

Unlocking the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Role of Science and Technology, by Peter W. Flint

Section IV:

Community Standards and the Christian College Employee, by John R. Sutherland

The Wildfire Liturgy, by Michael R. Brown

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