Faculty Dialogue
No. 8 (Spring 1985)

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%e Martin W. Bush %l ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE %p cat bush | p %e Carl F. H. Henry %l The Crisis of Modern Learning %p cat henry | p %e D. Elton Trueblood %l A Personal Faith %p cat trueblood | p %e Nicholas Wolterstorff %l The Mission of the Christian College at the %l End of the 20th Century %p cat wolterstorff | p %e Arthur O. Roberts %l The Intellectual Substance of the Educated Christian: %l Some Contributions of Philosophy to its Prophetic Function %p cat roberts | p %e Glenn Van Wyhe %l A Liberal Education for Business %p cat vanwyhe | p Richard J. Stellway World-Changing Christians: An Outcome of Christian Higher Education E. Joe Gilliam The Institute for Christian Leadership: Goals and Missions