Faculty Dialogue
No. 9 (Fall, 1987)

Copyright 1987 Institute for Christian Leadership. All rights reserved.


The Too-Well Hidden Agenda, by Ted Ward
What "Christian" Higher Education Means, by David J. Masoner
The Professorís Stance: Value Underlying Educational Choices,
by Leslie A. Andrews
In Defense of the Permanent Things, by Michael H. Macdonald
Educating for Equity: Challenges, Choices, and Changes,
by Carol A. Jenkins
Fulfilling the Christian Mandate for Service, by Bruce G. Longstroth
Faith and Learning Reconsidered: The Unity of Faith, by Mel R. Wilhoit
Integration and the Christian College: Reflection on the Nineteenth Psalm,
by Fred Van Dyke, Arlan J. Birkey & Ted D. Nickel
Faculty Response
The Teacher as Host: Letís Talk About It, by James A. Thorne
Of Caricatures and the Faith, by Paul Nisly
Faculty Rejoinder
Old Habits Die Hard: Labels, Categories, and Name-Calling, by Richard Perkins

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