Faculty Dialogue
No. 8 (Winter 1987)

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Against the Solitary-- and Solipsistic-- Pursuit of Meaning, by Rebecca Thomas Ankeny.

Moral Literacy and the Formation of Character, by William J. Bennett.

Rehearsing a Tradition, by George Blankenbaker.

Semper Fidelis?, by Martin Bush.

Peter Pan in Hell, by Steve Cook.

The Christian Liberal Arts College and the Transformation of Culture, by by Raymond D. Devries.

The Role of Religion in Modern Society: A Response to the Habits of the Heart, by Ronald W. Fagan.

Observations Concerning the Reconstruction of the Christian Learning Community, by Brendan F.J. Furnish.

Vision for Life: Values and Moral Goals in Christian Higher Education, by E. Joe Gilliam.

The Christian and Culture, by Carl F.H. Henry.

The Transformation of Westmont, by Jonathan H. Hess.

American Individualism and Value Relativism, by Michael R. Leming.

Individualism in the Liberal Arts: Thoughts on Habits of the Heart, by Shirley A. Mullen.

Mendicant individualism, by Arthur W. Nelson.

Great is Truth: It Prevails, by John T. Noonan, Jr.

Community as a Resisting Force for Freedom, by John Rapson.

Transmitting Wisdom: The Necessity of Conservative Ideology in Christian Teaching, by James L. Sauer.

Social Ecology and the Normally Religious World: Culture Transformation or Accomodation by the Christian Liberal Arts, by Jeffrey P. Schloss.

Cowboys in Community, by Thomas E. Schmidt.

The Liberal Arts and Counterculture, by Steven K. Schultz.

Radical Individualism, the Society of Jesus, and the American Liberal Arts College, by Bart Tarman.

A Christian Logic for Curriculum in Liberal Arts Education, by Ted Ward.

One for All, All for One, by Martin W. Bush.

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