Faculty Dialogue
No. 17 (Fall 1991)

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Christians Are Made, Not Born, by Martin W. Bush.

From Beyond the Laboratory: A Theologian Looks at Science, by Michael Bauman.

An Apology for the Christian University, by Michael Beaty.

Bonhoeffer's Life Together and the Christian University, by Dan Caldwell.

Christians in the Worlds of Discourse, by Donald R. Hettinga.

Antiseptic Education: A The Myth of Irreligiosity, by Al Hiebert & Dennis Hiebert.

No Room in the Ins: General Education and Educologists, by Edward Kuhlman; A Liberal Education for Business, by Edward Kuhlman.

A Damnation of American Christianity, by Mark A. Lamport.

Ethics-Based Business Programs in Church-Related Colleges, by David M. Ludinton.

Toward Inclusive Instruction in Religion and Philosophy, by Randy L. Maddox.

Religious Education and Value Development: Contrasting Opportunities and Experiences, by Sandra L. Quinn-Musgrove & Janet Griffin.

A Word of Hope, by Paul W. Nisly

Respectfully Submitted for American Consideration: Canadian Options in Christian Higher Education.

Of Dissonant Rhapsody and Harmonic Fugue: The Role of Metaphor in the Interplay of Theory and Practice in Education, by Harro Van Brummenlen.

Fashioning Christians in Our Day, by John H. Westerhoff.

A Layman's Experience Teaching in China, by Richard Wilson.

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