Faculty Dialogue
No. 18 (Fall 1992)

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Inner Strength or Outward Thrust: Revisiting a Call for Relevance, by Martin Bush

A Final Exam for Christian Higher Education, by Ted Ward

Ted Ward Writing Award
Worldview, Modernity, and the Task of Christian Higher Education, by Brian J. Walsh.

Knowledge for What? Recovering the Lost Soul of Higher Education in the West, by Stephen Dempster.

The Great Commission and the Mission of Christian Higher Education, by Joseph M. Ricke

Howard Vollum Writing Award
Catholic Frogs, by Jean L. Bertelson Pond.

The Sociology of Prejudice: Problems and Solutions, by Henry Lee Allen

Expanding Academic Excellence, by Anthony J. Diekema.

Creation, Fall, and What?, by Kurt C. Schaefer.

Anti-Intellectualism and the Bible College, by H. Terris Neuman.

The School of Religion in the Christian University, by Samuel L. Dunn & Daniel N. Berg.

Foundational Considerations for Including Women's Studies in the Liberal Arts Curriculum, by Joyce Quiring Erickson

Intelligent Ignorance, the Playfulness of Learning, and the Christian Teacher, by Robert J. Brake.

Excellence: Are We Really Willing to Pay the Price?, by Michael Firmin.

Faculty Responses
A Missing Note: Placing Biblical Faith at the Center, by Leon W. Gillaspie.

Putting it All Together: A Proposed Curriculum Design Model, by Norma McKinnon.

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