Faculty Dialogue
No. 19 (Winter 1993)

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In Memoriam: Earl J. McGrath

Reflections on the Art of "Driving A Nail Without Busting the Plank", by Ric Neese.

Teaching Values: From Theory to Practice, by James Waller.

Creation, Ethics, and Education, by Michael L. Peterson.

The Ethical Pause, by John Paul Vincent.

The Challenge of Educational Wholeness, by Arlin C. Migliazzo.

The Case Against Value Indoctrination in Higher Education, by James Waller.

Cartesian Values and the Critical Thinking Movement: Challenges for the Christian Scholar and Teacher, by Forrest E. Baird & Dale E. Soden.

Mentoring: Enhancing Values Development Through Intentional Relationships, by Stephen P. Stratton & James R. Owens.

A Perspective on "Value-Centered" Education, by Russell Gough.

Christian Leadership in the Public Service, by Stephen M. King.

Integration in the Life and Mission of the Christian College: Binding Together Its Life and Work, by Calvin B. DeWitt.

Faithful Listening and Instructional Speaking: A Biblical Image for Christian College Teachers, by Bill Long.

The Contribution of Biblical Studies to the Liberal Arts Education: The Model of Patten College, by Hannah K. Harrington.

Teaching Values: From Theory to Practice, by James Waller.

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