Faculty Dialogue
No. 20 (Winter 1993/94)

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A Road Increasingly Travelled-- Introducing ICLnet: An Electronic Bulletin Board Service for Christian Higher Education, by Martin W. Bush and Richard Cavnes Neese

A Few Words from Readers.

Encouraging the Vision..

Announcing Cambridge '94.

The Road Less Travelled: Theological Education and the Quest to Fashion the Seminary of the 21st Century, by Richard Cavnes Neese

Overcoming the Intellectual Inferiority Complex and False Guilt of Evangelical Educators, by David O. Moberg.

Clement of Alexandria: Patron Saint of Christian Higher Education?, by Keith R. Anderson

Subduing the Earth While Tending the Garden: A Proposal for a More Balanced Environmental Ethic, by Raymond E. Grizzle & Michael G. Cogdill

A Futures Perspective for Christian Educators, by William M. Lay, Jr.

Moral Education in the Christian College: A Baptist Contribution, by Robert B. Kruschwitz

Playing Tee-ball and Performing the Jazz Sax: Celebrating the Chorus of Players, Voices, and Themes in Christian Scholarship and Faith, by Linda K. Parkyn

The Musical Offering: A Question of Honesty, by Michael R. Brown

Is a Doctorate All That is Necessary?, by Stanley E. Porter.

Faculty Response

Words of Hope: A Postmodern Faith, by Samuel Smith.

Scientists with a Christian Worldview: A Response to Bauman's "From Beyond the Laboratory: A Theologian Looks at Science", by James Sellers & Joseph Francis

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