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October 10, 1997
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16. Periodicals: MF-R

A medium for sharing ways to use computer technology in obeying the Great Commission. A sampling of articles from the issue surveyed include: The 20:21 Library; Lingualinks Preview Released; Dangers of Digital Idolatry; Worldwide Network Via Compuserve; Brigada; Joshua Project 2000 Launched; BGC Archives Resoures Available Over the Internet; and, Books Available.

Published by the Centre for Mission Direction (New Zealand) the monthly magazine contains Mission Update (mission related news), Mission Materials (overviewing the contents of more significant published works), Mission books (comprehensive book reviews), and Mission Opportunities. From the sample issue available at the time of our survey, Mission Update contains news on China, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Japan, Myanmar, Turkey and Vietnam. Mission Materials provided bytes reviewing Assemblies of God World Missions, ARAMCO World, Asian Minorities Outreach, Asia Outreach, Frontier Focus, Internatioal Journal of Frontier Missions, Missiology, National Geography, Open Doors, and World Pulse. Mission Books provided thorough reviews on Christianity and the Religions: A Biblical Theology of World Religions. Mission Opportunities reported on the New Zealand Missionary Training College, OMF New Zealand, OMS International, Servants to Asia's Urban Poor, South Sea Evangelical Mission, Sowers International, WEC International, Wycliffe Bible Tranlators, and Youth With a Mission. Information on how to subscribe to the paper copy is provided. Highly recommended.
Centre for Mission Direction: http://www.cmd.org.nz/

A bimonthly ministry publication of the United States Center for World Missions, with issues archived beginning with the November/ December 1994 issue of Mission Frontiers. Articles from the issue surveyed include: an editorial, by Dr. Ralph Winter; MF Behind the Scenes with Rick Wood; Ask Missionary Marvin?; The U.S. Center for World Mission What are we here for?, by GregParsons, ; The U.S. Center for World Mission: Charting a New Course?, by GregParsons; The Strategy Division: Waking a Sleeping Giant, by Jodie Van Loon; Five Promising Years 1996-2000 An Interview with David Imboden; and, The US Center is Changing the World, by Bruce Koch. Mission Frontiers is complemented with MF Online e-mail updates, also archived at this location. Highly recommended.
USCWM Home Page: http://www.uscwm.org/

Bimonthly newsletter of Mission Media Productions, helps interested people follow the progress of Mission Media Productions. Unscheduled urgent matters are also reported in the newsletter.
Mission Media Productions: http://www.seidata.com/~mmpi/

LCMS World Missions is a ministry of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod. The following articles were available at the time of our survey: At the 150-year Mark ...; China: a Mission Challenge and Opportunity!; May Mission Project--Chapels in Ghana #90392W; Holy Spirit Multiplies Christ's Church in Ghana; Agriculture Project Multiplies Production in Ghana; Charter `Mission Advocates' Meet June 25-26
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod: http://www.lcms.org/

The monthly newsletter of Mission of Joy Ltd., a ministry to the people of India. Articles available from the sample reviewed at the time of our survey include: A Letter from Jeff O'Leary; Let's Give Thanks; Cyclone Devastates Andra Pradesh; and Financial Policy. A link to the Newsletter archive is provided at the end of the current Newsletter. Highly recommended.
Mission of Joy Ltd.: http://missionjoy.org/

MISSIONARY TO MISSIONARY (Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod) [new 3/97]
Dr. Glenn O'Shoney's letter to missionaries and partners. The issue we reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles: Good News; With the Family; 1997 Personnel Requirements; Some Thoughts from the Field; Report to the Council of Presidents; Your Letters Mean a Lot; The Bookmark; Nicely Said; Other Missionaries; Fast and Fun Furlough Facts; Christmas Worship in Russia; A Getaway in Bella Vista, Arkansas; Salary study Task Force; We Saw; Staff Travel; and, And Now...

A weekly publication of Global Evangelization Movement. A sampling of files available at the time of our survey include: Megatrend 17: Christian human rights activism; Megatrend 18: Urban ministries; Megatrend 20: The AD 2000 megamagnet; Scripture distribution is improving, but much remains to be done; Prayer is key to starting a church mission program; Ebola & Company: Here come the killer viruses!; Sex: a stronghold of sin; and, Cutting deals on the frontier. The files are also posted regularly to MissionNet. Highly recommended.
Archive: http://www.gem-werc.org/mmrc/
Global Evangelization Movement: http://www.gem-werc.org/

MP REPORT [new 4/97]
The monthly newsletter of Mission Possible Foundation, an evangelical missions organization that distributes Christian literature, trains church leaders and sends out church planters and missionaries predominantly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Articles in the issue reviewed at the time of our survey include: Rescued Off the Streets of Moscow; Miracles in Moscow; MP Newswire; and, Church Leads Bulgaria Out of Crisis. Distribution of current issues is available from the Registration Page, noted below.
Registration Page: htp://www.mp.org/reg_news.htm
Web Archive: http://www.mp.org/News_ind.htm
Mission Possible Foundation: http://http://www.mp.org/

News from the Church of the Nazarene is provided through Weekly Summaries, which can be requested via e-mail distribution. This is denominational newsreporting on the events, activities, and persons who are accomplishing the mission and key objectives of the denomination. News is published based on its timeliness, uniqueness, and projected reader interest. The second form of news is provided in the church's magazine, Herald of Holiness. Information about obtaining a paper copy (only) subscription is on line.
Current Weekly Summary: http://www.nazarene.org/co/news.html
Church of the Nazarene: http://www.nazarene.org/

NEW SLANT [new 3/97]
A newsletter available from the main page of the The Gospel and Culture Network, New Zealand. The issue we reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles relating to the theme, Religion in the New Zealand Herald (a response to the newspaper articles): Will the Martians Alter Our View of God? Perhaps We'll Stop Thinking That Mankind is the Centre of the Universe; Obsolescent Doctrine -- The Trinity; The Rediscovered Trinity; Escaping From Self as Centre; Democracy Has Its Roots in Christian Tradition; Christian Indigeneous Peoples; Buthelezi Steals the Show; We're No Longer Bound by Tradition. New World of Global Culture Means a New Set of Virtues; A Brilliant Cartoon; An Archaic Tradition; Swinging From the Enlightenment To Post-Modern Culture in the Cathedral; The Promise of Peace; Peace Through Pain; Dialogue At Chritmas; Gordon McLaughlan's Loves and Hates; The Catholic Church; Christian Individuals; Book Reviews; Reflections on the Press and Religion; Sport Versus Religion: Score 7-0; Nobody's Fault? Inherent Tension Between Christianity and the Press; G & C Gets Real; Report on DeepSight Progress; Inquisition Answers; Access Items: Grouping Subjects; Access Recommendation; and, Internet News.

A monthly newsletter provided by Open Doors International Field Operations. The newsletter provides two main sections: a list of News items at the top of the current issue, and a list of Prayer items toward the middle of the current issue. The issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include the following news items: Azerbaijan: Azeri Ministry of Justice Acts against Christians; Egypt: More Coptic Christians Killed in Second Large-Scale Attack; Egypt: Egypt Wants EU to Improve Image of Islam; Holland: Open Doors Publishes Reader on Persecution of Christians in Sudan; Indonesia: New Attacks on Churches; Israel: Israel to Ban Missionary Activities?; Lebanon: Chaldean Church to Hold Synod in Lebanon; Russia: State Targets Religious Minorities; Russia: Christian Couple Burnt to Death; and, prisoner information: Nelson Manawar Rahi (Pakistan) and Melek Akyil (Turkey). Prayer items include concerns for Azerbaijan; Central Asia; Egypt; (Northern) Iraq; and Israel. Back issues are available from the archive page. Highly recommended.
Archive Page: http://www.solcon.nl/od_fo/archiv.htm
Open Doors International Field Operations: http://www.solcon.nl/od_fo/

Included at the time of our survey is news on the Peoples Republic of China.

Up-to-date reports on religious trends and events around the world (external to OM), edited by Debbie Meroff in London. The sample issue surveyed reported on the following topics: Australia Campaign; Iran Update; New TWR Broadcast for Iran; 50 in Place of One!; Seeing Jesus; Family Breakdown in Ireland; Mission Ship Serves Polynesia; Libya Backs U.S. Cult Leader; TV in CIS; Vietnam Facts; Fatal Devotion; Africans Encounter Christ; Evangelism Explosion; Last Days; New Era; Top 10 Cities; A World on the March; People; Medical Alert; and, Resources. Recommended.

Text presented in the Japanese language.
Japanese International Food For the Hungry: http://www1.meshnet.or.jp/~jifh/

An outreach of Ariel Ministries New York, an evangelical ministry for Messianic Jews. Articles available at the time of our survey include: Can there be atonement without a Temple?, and, Yeshua the Messiah and The Feast of Sukkot.

Available only in Big-Five format (for reading Chinese Charactars). On-line help is available.

NEXT STEPS [new 5/97]
Next Steps Follow-up Program is produced by InterVarsity Missions & Urbana to provide practical help in integrating the Urbana 96 experience and missions into everyday life. Articles included in the issue available at the time of our survey include: Looking Back on Urbana (God Showed Up, by Melody Hanson; Parable of the Fog, by Carol Sherbeck; and, Floored, by T.V. Thomas and Liam Corley); Campus & Missions (Robbie Chats About Urbana and Beyond, by Meg Epperly; Top Ten Answers to..."Now What?"; What's the Big Deal About Skipping Church?, by Amy Carden; Friends Across the Miles, by Amy Carden; and, Racial Reconciliation, by Paula Esealuka); Missions: How & When (Don Your Bridal Gown, by Scott Bessenecker; Taking Time for Plan B, by Liam Corley; Straight Talk About Short Term, by Lisa McNees; and, What If You're Called to the Marketplace? by Jonathan Hansen); Resources (Enrich Your Life: 12 Bible Studies on Giving, by Yvonne Vinkemulder; Speaking of Jesus: A Book Review, by Amy Carden & Carol Sherbeck; Perspectives Study Program; Fuller Seminary School of World Mission). Next Steps is available from the Urbana main page. Very highly recommended.

Provided by the Scripture Union (UK), Noticeboard contains Scripture Union Press Releases. Included at the time of our survey are: Different Denominations Combine with Scripture Union to Appoint new Children's worker in Bermondsey; Changes Announced at Scripture Union; Fun, games and excitement at Scripture Union's Terrington Holiday; and, Lion Publishing & Scripture Union.
Scripture Union (UK): http://www.scripture.org.uk/

OM WORLD NEWS [new 4/96]
Fresh bulletins of general interest from teams and offices within Operation Mobilisation. (Internal OM News), edited by Debbie Meroff in London. Articles included in the issue surveyed include: Mongolia Projects; Refugees Take Charge!; Nepal's Winter Campaign; Good News for Kurds; PIoneering in Angola; Flying Doctors; and, Crotia's Church for All People.

ON TRACK [new 3/97]
The official news organ of the Presbyterian Inland Mission, headquartered in Australia. At the time of our survey the newsletter is scheduled to be uploaded.
Prebyterian Inland Mission: http://www.treko.net.au/~pimdunc/

AN OPEN DOOR... REVELATION 3:8 [new 4/97]
The missions page of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America (Unofficial). A general Information section provides a statement on The Faith and Practice of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America in (English and in Spanish languages); A Message from the Mission Committee; A History of Protestant Reformed Missions (in process); and a Daily Meditation. A section of Miscellaneous information includes an E-mail directory, a guest book, a form for questions that visitors may wish to express and a list of links to other sites of interest on th internet. A Mission Fields section provides information files and contact information for missions North American, British Isles, and Ghana, Africa. Another section includes information on Sister Churches: the Evangelical Reformed Churches of Singapore and the New Zealand Protestant Reformed Church. SWAMI (Sindhis With a Mission International) ministers to youth who have converted from Hinduism to Christianity. Information about the ministry includes background information, mission, belief, goals and conferences. Another Literature section provides the Reformed Freee Publishing Association's Catalog and a large catalog/ price list of PRC literature. The Literature section also includes on line versions of: Missions: or, "I Will BuildMy Church", by Reverend C. Hanko; and, Cross-Cultural Missions: Part 3, by Robert D. Decker. The final section focuses upon Covenant Reformed News, a short fortnightly newspaper published by the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Northern Ireland (mentioned in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide).
Protestant Reformed Churches in America Main Page: http://www.iserv.net/~prc/

A friend in missions once reminded me that one of the reasons Christians face suffering is because Christians put themselves in that vulnerable position to reach out to others. People in missions frequently risk comfort, health, and life to open that opportunity for others to know Christ. If you have read God's Smuggler, by Brother Andrew, then you know of the risks, and of God's protection. Open Doors has been instrumental in promoting faith, bringing prayer to God, and calling upon His compassionate response for the sake of the Great Commission. With God's blessing Open Doors has promoted the cause of the suffering Church in compelling ways. We are very pleased to note that Open Doors With Brother Andrew in Canada can now be found on the internet. Open Doors believes "... that all doors are open and that God enables His Body to go into all the world and preach the gospel." The mission of Open Doors is: To strengthen the body of Christ living under restriction or persecution, by providing and delivering Bibles, materials, training and other helps, and encouraging it to become involved in world evangelism; To train and encourage the body of Christ in threatened or unstable areas, to prepare believers to face persecution and suffering, to equip them to maintain a witness to the Gospel of Christ; and, To motivate, mobilize and educate the church in the free world to identify with and become more involved in assisting the Suffering Church, believing that 'when one member suffers, all members suffer with it' (1Cor. 12:26)" -- adapted from the Vison Statement. Information that Open Doors With Brother Andrew Canada have placed on line include the Vision Statement and a section entitled The Suffering Church, which will include a list of pertinent regions around the world. At the time of our survey a feature article written by Johan Companjen, Prayer and the Suffering Church, is available. Another document, provides Brother Andrew's views on over 40 years of Ministry, and a companion file provides a "time line" of important dates marked by Open Doors. Also provided is a calendar of scheduled events. Very highly recommended.

Maintained by Open Doors staff member, Wybo Nicolai, this comparative survey provides a list of countries ranging from the worst situation to total freedom of religion. result is a list of countries ranging from the worst situation to total freedom of religion. The first column shows the current position of thecountry in the list. The second column shows the country's position inat approximately a year ago (Jan 1996 at the time of our site survey). After the name of the country there are two columns with total points for that country at two different moments (approximately 1 year a part). A "Trend" column indicates OD's expectation for future developments in the noted country. A column demarked as "VD" indicates OD's degree of uncertainty about the situation in the country. (The more questions answered in the survey with "unknown/no data available" the higher the value for "VD" will be. The final column shows the number of Christians in the noted country. Highly Recommended.
Open Doors International Field Operations: http://www.solcon.nl/od_fo/

Maintained by Open Doors staff member, Wybo Nicolai, this comparative survey provides a list of countries ranging from the worst situation to total freedom of religion. result is a list of countries ranging from the worst situation to total freedom of religion. The first column shows the current position of thecountry in the list. The second column shows the country's position inat approximately a year ago (Jan 1996 at the time of our site survey). After the name of the country there are two columns with total points for that country at two different moments (approximately 1 year a part). A "Trend" column indicates OD's expectation for future developments in the noted country. A column demarked as "VD" indicates OD's degree of uncertainty about the situation in the country. (The more questions answered in the survey with "unknown/no data available" the higher the value for "VD" will be. The final column shows the number of Christians in the noted country. Earlier editions are available from the Archive Page. Highly Recommended.
Archive Page: http://www.solcon.nl/od_fo/archiv.htm
Open Doors International Field Operations: http://www.solcon.nl/od_fo/

A publication of Operation Nehemiah for South Sudan, the latest version of the newsletter at the time of our survey are highlights from Inside Nehemiah Trumpt Call, October 1996. The newsletter details activities and cooperatie work with other Christian ministries involved with the Suffering Church.
Operation Nehemiah: http://www.njin.net/~rbannon/Nehemiah/nehemiah.html

A substantial news archive from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, providing information about the Orthodox Church from around the world. A special emphasis is placed on Orthodoxy in the United States, Greece, Russia, the Balkans and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Official news and press releases from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, and other Orthodox jurisdictions are also disseminated. A small sample of articles available at the time of our survey includes: Customs Officers in FYROM did not allow three Orthodox Priests to Enter Country; Christian Democrats picket Jehovah's Witnesses; World Council of Churches protests jailing of Orthodox bishop in Turkey; Church of St. Anastasia will be Rented out; Presentation of Catechism of Catholic Church in Russian; Serbian Patriarch To the students of the University of Belgrade; 100,000 March in Belgrade; Russia: Chechen Police Free Two Orthodox Priests; Chechen authorities secure release of abducted church officials; Belgrade Holds Religious March; Belgrade Demonstrations Continue; Scientologists Lose Court Case; Visit of Secretary General of the European Parliament to the Ecumenical Patriarchate; New Leadership 100 Executive Director Named; Orthodox Church Owes Thessaloniki Its Greatest Cultural Treasures says Austrian Newspaper; Archbishop Spyridon Takes Part in Inauguration Service; Tsongas to be buried on Thursday; Turkish Lower Court Sentences Orthodox Metropolitan to Five Months Prison Term; Ordination of the First Orthodox Metropolitan of Hong Kong; Visit of U.S. Special Envoy Mr. Kerry Cavanaugh to the Ecumenical Patriarchate; Visit of Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey to the Ecumenical Patriarchate; Visit of former U.S. Ambassador Michael Sotirhos to the Ecumenical Patriarchate; Patriarchal Exarchate to Mount Athos; Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Vartholomeos meets with Cavanaugh Russia's saint of 1997 puts church mission under spotlight; and, Famous icon painter punished.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: http://www.goarch.org/

PAROUSIA! LET'S AWAKE! [revised 10/96]
A monthly newsletter on missions that is published by the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Articles in the issue reviewed at the time of our survey include: The Word Parousia; Reaching Unreached Peoples; Adopting Churches; A Prayer Journey; and, Missions Resources. Highly Recommended.
Frames Version: http://www.goshen.net/alliance/p-today.htm
CM&A Home Page: http://www.goshen.net/alliance/welcome.htm

Provided by SONshine Ministries, an international Fundamental Baptist ministry with impetus in missions. PASSport Passages is a monthly topical newsletter discussing issues in missions. Included in the sample surveyed is "...opportunities of service with Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc."

Information releases from the Reformed Information Network. At the time of our survey posts report on Iran and Indonesia.
Persecuted Churches Resource Page: http://www.reformednet.org//refnet/persect.htm
Reformed Information Network: http://www.reformednet.org//refnet/persect.htm

Provided by the Polish Christian Bookstore. English language. Articles included in the issue surveyed include: 1st Ministry Dinner: 25 gather to pray and to hear from Dr. Harold O. J. Brown at the Old Warsaw; Christmas Getaway for Polish Teens At Camp Moyoca & Alpine Valley; and, Plans, Hopes, Dreams and Prayers Family Banquet, Teen outings, Summer Camps, Christmas Holiday Getaways and Beyond.
Polish Christian Bookstore: http://www.vboutique.com/PolishChristian/

From the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company's China program, Prayer Focus is described as battle plans for the prayer warriors. Each issue specifies timely prayer items for China, the listeners and FEBC Chinese Ministries.

Provided by the Russian Ministries of the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company, Prayer Focus provides Russian needs in a daily prayer calendar.

Recent prayer requests from the OM World. Needs in France is highlighted at the time of our survey.

PRAYERPAD [new 8/96]
PrayerPad is a ministry of Speed the Need, a ministry devoted to urgent needs in Christian Missions. PrayerPad is a weekly summary of non-urgent prayer needs. The latest edition is available from STN's home page.

Semi-annual journal of the Protestant Reformed Theological School, Grandville, Michigan. Articles available in the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: Editorial Notes, by Prof. Herman Hanko; The Christian Mission to Islam: Islam Viewed from a Biblical Perspective, by Rev. Bassam M. Madany; The Biblical Basis of Reformed Church Government, by Prof. Robert D. Decker; The Autonomy of the Local Church, by Prof. Herman C. Hanko; and, The Authority of the Major Assemblies, by Prof. David J. Engelsma. Book Reviews include: Calvin's Authentic Calvinism, A Clarification, Reviewed by Prof. Herman Hanko; Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons, Reviewed by Prof. Robert Decke; Leading in Prayer: A Workbook for Worship, Reviewed by Prof. Robert Decker; Gospel and Mission in the Writings of Paul: An Exegetical and Theological Analysis, Reviewed by Prof. Robert Decker; and, Book Notice: A New Testament Greek Primer, Reviewed by Prof. Herman Hanko. Past issues are archived on line. Information on how to obtain a free subscription is made available.

A Working Newsletter for Growing Churches."Church growth leaders are 'ranchers' rather than 'shepherds,' according to Carl George's excellent study, How To Break Growth Barriers (Baker Book House, 1993). A 'rancher' effectively manages church people, making certain everyone receives pastoral care in a 'measurable way, primarily through systems of nonclergy-dependent, mutual self-care' (p. 93). Ranchers train their lay leaders to really lead. Ranchers delegate responsibility, ably use the spiritual gifts God has given their congregation, cast vision, plan ahead, and set measurable goals. A rancher really believes that God wants you to help more people than you have thought possible! Ranchers 'see' (and, by the way, that's the key!) the church in terms of group life and thus their work 'not as relationships with individuals, but as objectives to be accomplished and a staff to be supervised' (p. 94). Does this negate a 'shepherd's heart?' Not in the least! It is not 'ranching' vs 'shepherding.' Rather, it is shepherding through ranching! Yes, to be a 'rancher' the church growth leader must go through a 'paradigm shift.' Yes, the congregation must be both trusted and released into ministry. People must be trained, motivated and sent out into the 'fields white unto harvest.' But, then, isn't that what church leadership is all about anyway? (cf. Ephesians 4) This newsletter has adopted that 'ranching' stance and philosophy of church growth. Thus, the name, 'The Ranching Report.'" - From Questions and Answers, The Ranching Report. The report provides Church Growth Articles, Editorials, Reviews, Bibles/ Sermon Study, Growth Resources, and the Question and Answers section. At the time of our review, the following Church Growth Article is highlighted: G-R-O-W: An Acrostic for a New Year.

Operation Mobilisation's new full-featured Worldmagazine, published quarterly for OM's members, friends and supporters. Relay serves to enhance the communication, relationship building and response of all its readers around the world to Christ's Great Commission. Articles included in the issue we surveyed include: Greetings from the Managing Editor, Greg Kernaghan; Hearing from God -- The ILG agenda is OM's agenda, by Peter Maiden; East & West need each other, by Paik Jae Hyun & Julyan Lidstone; Financial Development A spiritual ministry?, by Mike Lyth; World Wide What? OM & the Internet, by Tim Wright; OM Ruined My Life! An OM survivor's testimony, by Carey Hauri; OM World Partners, by Jonathan McRostie; Keeping In Touch. Find your friends among these former OMers!; Personnel-- What is the IPD?, by Mike Wheate; Lighten up!; and, Jesus loves me-- Loving the least of these in India, by Joseph D'Souza. Recommended.

Religion News Today is a daily summary of Christian and other religious news. It includes worldwide reports on church-state issues, religious freedom, persecution, abortion, missions, evangelism, and revival. Headings in the sample reviewed for our survey include: Religious freedom issues belong "squarely" in discussions about U.S. foreign policy; The U.S. House of Representatives' voted Thursday to release funding for international population programs; Illegal euthanasia is widespread in Australia; Croatia's six main churches have set up a new committee; Lutheran Men in Mission, the men's organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Israel's National Parks Authority is sprucing up Megiddo; and, The world got 2.9% more weird in 1996 than in 1995.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY [revised 5/97]
Monthly updates and news concerning the legal battles for the rights of Christians worldwide, provided by LightSource Online. Articles included in the sample surveyed include: Sent to Prison to Share Christ's Love (Open Doors With Brother Andrew), Prison Fellowship Excluded from List of State-Sanctioned Charities (Alliance Defense Fund), Supreme Court Strikes Down City Ordinance against Street Preachers (Alliance Defense Fund), Evangelicals Face Serious Problems in Romania (Compass Direct), and British Pilot Resigns to Protest Kuwaiti Apostate Ruling (Compass Direct). Recommended.
LightSource Online: http://www.lightsource.net/

THE RISING SON [new 11/96]
A quarterly newsletter from The JapanNet, sponsored the International Student Resources Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, The Rising Son is a training newsletter for Christians involved in ministry to Japanese internationals in the USA or returning to Japan. Themes for issues that The JapanNet has made available from their Table of Contents Page at the time of our survey include: How to Be a Witness to Japanese; The Importance of the Group in Witness to Japanese; How, Then, are They to be Reached?; Potential Hindrances to Understanding the Gospel; Potential Reasons not to Embrace the Christian Faith; Building a Bridge of Understanding; and, Turning a Conversation to Spiritual Things. The index of articles include: Why Japan?; Idea for Easter; Missed Opportunity; Pre-Evangelism Resource; General MacArthur and the Emperor; How to Turn a Conversation to Spiritual Things; Barclay Buxton - A Spiritual Leader; Cultural Insights I and II; and, How to Describe Concepts Japanese Find Hard to Understand. Information for the paper copy subscription is available. Highly Recommended.
The JapanNet: http://www.thejapannet.com/

ROOTS AND WINGS [new 3/96]
Published by International Teams, this newsletter addresses the needs of missionary families, particularly the needs of missionar wives and MKs.

RUSSIA REPORT [new 3/96]
A church bulletin insert from the Slavic Gospel Association. Available in PDF downloadable version. SDA provides a link to download Adobe Acrobat.

RUSSIA REPORT [new 4/96]
Provided by International Russian Radio/TV, and to be made available in Russian, Finnish and English. IRR/TV stresses the importance of acting on behalf of Christ in Russia now. Previous editions of Russia Report are available from the bottom of each Russia Report page.

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