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October 10, 1997
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2. Organizations: A-BI

The AD 2000 Business Executives Consultation is an invitation to key Business and Professional persons to consider how to achieve the Great commission by the year 2000. Key Marketplace Ministries are linking to support the initiative, under the umbrella of the AD2000 and Beyond. As Business Leaders, we are being challenged to give our response to the call manifest in the Great Commission. Christian leaders are calling on the business community, because business people often hold the key to unlocking many of the unreached countries. A business person seldom has a closed border. Senior government officials will also join the Consultation.

ADVANCE [new 6/96]
Praying for Unreached Peoples and Persecuted Believers, Advance is a free publication of Kainos Press, Richmond, VA 23229, and distributed through the Brigada group here on the network. (See the Mail-based Services section of this guide.) This is an exceptionally informative newsletter that is presented in the following sections: The Gospel for Every People; The Persecuted Church; Spiritual Forces of Darkness; Rejoice!; Networking; Front Lines; etc. An outstanding resource for missions.

Services include airfare, cruises, and other forms of travel. ATS also specializes in service to overseas missionaries. Highlighted on site is information on domestic airfare, whilesale international airfare, special deals, and wholesale fares for select US cities. This site also provides links to St. Olaf University's US State Department Travel Advisorys.

An affiliate of Campus Crusade for Christ International. Offers links throughout Europe. Extensive list of links to other Christian ministries as well.

Air Serve International is a humanitarian agency providing aviation and related services in developing nations. Involvement favors programs which nurture self-reliance, build hope and encourage initiative. Air Serve's primary objective is to provide safe, dependable and cost effective air transportation to relief and development agencies such as private voluntary agencies (PVOs/NGOs), UN agencies, embassy aid missions, multilateral and national government agencies. Air Serve does not operate large, cargo-type aircraft on long international flights but rather specializes in single, twin-engine and occasionally larger aircraft operations in remote or transport deficient areas within the affected areas. This site contains recent news specific to Air Serve involvement, and information on how to become involved with the objectives of the ministry.

AMEN - BILL BURKETT [new 7/96]
The Apostles' Doctrine of AD 33 Applied Today. Missionary and evangelist Bill Burkett has been ministering for 32 years, preached in 32 nations, including Brazil, East and West Europe, Africa, and India. His doctrine is solid Biblical doctrine. The thrust of his miistry is a challenge to the errors of modern ecumenical neo-evangelists. Mr. Burkett is a founding member of Hope Christian Charity Mission (Boyarka, Ukraine), and Editor of Amen magazine. Available on site is Frontline News, a publication of Commission, Inc., founded by evangelist Burkett. Under development at the time of our survey is Spirit, soul and Body. Selah Publications, the print outreach of Commission, Inc. is well represented on site with files on line (under the heading Selah Publications) and books that may be ordered (under the heading The Selah Bookshelf). A small sampling of the appreciable collection of files that are available on line includes: A Word About Christian Greeting; Faith of Our Fathers - The Character of Polycarp: Second Century Godliness; Greek Word Study in Galatians; It Seemed Good Unto Us; Pentecostal But Not Charismatic; Practical Holiness Commentary - Holiness from Genesis to Revelation; The Difference Between Holiness and Righteousness; The Kosmos - What Superficial Christians Don't Want To Know About Worldliness; What Is a Neo-Gnostic?

Pastor Steve Na. Amherst Koinonia Church is a "Five College" Church located in the Pioneer Valley, a member of the Korean American Presbyterian Church. Their web site provides a lot of internet related information. Their Intro file includes a Basis of Faith, and a Mission document. Regularly scheduled events of the Church are provided on line as well as a directories for AKC members and alumni, and web sites for churches to which AKC members belong. A page devoted to related organizations of Amherst Koinonis Church includes world wide web connections to the Korean American Presbyterian Church, the Local Christian Acapella Group; Ministries at Amherst College and so forth. The Church also provides a directory of Christian Resources, which includes sections on Apologetics and Information Resources, Electronic Bibles, Popular Christian Culture, and Other Links and Resources. We find this web site very well organized and friendly, providing good access to a substantial amount of sound, reliable information particularly to the Korean Christian experience. We highly recommend a visit.

An Episcopal missionary society which would focus on the least evangelized ofthe world. They are not an insignificant group. They number over one billion people, or 20% of the world's population. Highlighted at the site are sections on: Who These People Are Who Have Never Heard the Gospel (Glimpses of World A); Missionary Work in the Lands of World A (the essentials and non-essentials); The Qashqa'I of Iran (including a short historical sketch, and pictures); About Anglican Frontier Missions; Our Concentration (The 25 Most Neglected); News; and, Views... From Another Perspective.
Episcopalian.Org: http://www.episcopalian.org/

APOLOGIA [new 5/97]
The web site introduces a major new weekly publication that will be available on line by subscription, entitled Apologia Report. Apologia Report serves professionals in religion (graduate/undergraduate educators, ministers, missionaries, journalists, media professionals, Christian bookstore managers, as well as students of Christianity and other religions). Apologia Report has been formed by three senior researchers formerly affiliated with the Christian Research Institute (CRI) of San Juan Capistrano, California. The first online edition of the publication was recently released by its evangelical publisher, a new non-profit organization known simply as Apologia. Apologia Report targets the wide spectrum of religious issues which have an impact on orthodox Christian faith. The report covers an extensive range of topics, including cults, the occult, world religions, aberrant theology, new religious movements, spiritual trends in modern culture, and general apologetics. Former CRI researchers Dr. Ron Rhodes and Paul Carden will also contribute to the publication, with the publication's editor, Rich Poll. Rhodes has authored several books on new religions and other topics related to apologetics, the defense of the faith. Carden directs an international apologetics-centered ministry network with outreaches to the former Soviet Union and Latin America. Poll sifts through the key tools religion professionals use to remain current in their fields of specialization as they relate to defending Christian faith. The annotated bibliographic format of Apologia Report provides summaries and reviews from many academic journals and popular periodicals, the online universe, books, broadcast media, software, CD-ROMs, unpublished monographs, and other news sources. Having written a similar research bulletin, FYI, for a private audience through the Christian Research Institute during the last decade, Poll's work is known to a number of professionals in Christian apologetics. -- Adapted from the announcement. Information regarding how to obtain sample issues is available on site. Other information online includes What's News, a section highlighting important events amidst the Christian apologetics community. Examples include announcments on the Lombard Defend the Faith Conference, the reopening and expansion of Paul Nanson's Apologia work to ApologiaNet, and Doug Groothuis' observations on Heaven's Gate. Information about the publisher is detailed in another section. Another section is devoted to the ARTALK Discussion list, noted in the Mail-based Services section of this guide. Having had the opportunity to work with Rich Poll for a number of years now, we very highly recommend Apologia.

Translated by Smith and Van Dyke (1865). Ç áßÊÇÈ ÇáãþÏÓ ÈÇááÛÉ ÇáÚÑÈíÉ ÊÑÌãÉ ÓãÍË & ÝÇäÏÍÞ 1865 íĺÊæí Úáì: ÇáÚåÏ Çá&lgrave;ÏíÏ ÇáÅä&lgrave;íá ÇÚáÇä ÇáÓíÏ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíĺ/ ÇáÚåÏ ÇáãÏíâ ÇáÊæŅÇÉ ÇáãÒÇãíÑ ÇááÇäÈ ĺÇÁ / ãĺÇäÇ > / ÑÓÇ áÉ ÇáäÚãÉ / íÚãá Úáì æíäÏæÒ ÚÑÈí. Alne3mat is an arabic monthly mini-magazine (meaning Grace), is providing a free Arabic Bible software program that runs on Arabic for Windows software. The program provides: 1. a selected passage of the Sciptures; 2. a message text related to the selected passage of the Scriptures; 3. a short story; 4. a real-life testimony; and, 5. a poem. Also, there is a confession of faith, and a description of what Alne3mat believes. Other sections contain talks about the four spiritual laws, "this is your life", an envangelical cartoon, and links to other Arabic web sites. Recommended.

An evangelical Christian organization directed by Arnold Fruchtenbaum devoted to bringing the gospel to the Jewish people. The web page represents Ariel Ministries' New York outreach, but the information provided is useful to all. The ministry provides the text of Old Testament Messianic Prophecies: Genesis 3:1-16, 12:1-3, 49:10; 2 Samuel 7:12-13; Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7 (9:5-6 Heb.), 53; Micah 5:2 (5:1 Heb.); Deuteronomy 18:15; Zechariah 9:9, 12:10; and, Psalm 22. Provided are network connections to YASHAnet's extensive library, and an extensive listing of on line Messianic connections compiled by the Shuvee Messianic Congregation (Melbourne, Florida). There are articles from Ariel Ministries' Newsletter (reported elsewhere in this guide), and biographical information for Ariel and Mitch Glaser, and Noel Raybin.

AFII is an international group, focused on Messianic Judiaism. Involved in Scripture translation, building a library of new materials. Former students all over the world are using their artistic talents , all pioneers in their respective fields, to hasten the Bias haMoshiach.

A ministry of the Assemblies of God, USA. Online registration required. APEO's aim is to provide assistance to the educational ministries of the Assemblies of God churches throughout the Asia Pacific region. APEO serves Assembly of God educational ministries in: Australia, China, Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kampuchea, Kiribati, Laos, Korea, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Pohnpei, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, French Polynesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Vanuatu and Vietnam. The site is divided into sections containing information about APEO, access to directories, News and Events, APEO Personnel, Bible School Resources, Church Ministry Resources, and Leadership Resources.

Asian Ministries Outreach is an inter-denominational ministry, meaning that they work with and on behalf of all groups and churches who love the Lord Jesus Christ and wish to see His Kingdom spread among Asia's needy. At the time of our survey work progresses four Communist and restricted countries: China, Vietnam, Laos and Burma (Myanmar). Within these four countries are more than 500 unreached people groups. Many groups who have never had a single known Christian believer are the ultimate goal of AMO's work. Some surveys are on line and other surveys may be ordered. AMO also makes available a bi-monthly 4-page prayer profiles on different people groups, each highlighting the history and present needs of the group, and so forth.

Official site for the Assemblies of God, USA. Provided are doctrinal statements, including official and paraphrased editions of the core points of the Assemblies of God Church, with links to Bible verse. Several supporting documents are available, and more theological and doctrinal text will be added. Ministries include the Michael Cardone Media Center, which specializes in the production and reproduction of audio and video tapes. Publications available include ICI University's DATElines (described in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide). Educational and Research facilities include official links to A/G endorsed colleges, institutes and seminaries. Also provided is an extensive unofficial listing of all known Assemblies of God networking sites, including national sites, and special ministries. This is rounded out by a listing of other internet sites, as well as an excellent survey of internet search utilities with the commensurate links.

Included are an excellent selection of missions promotional material, a Prayer Hotline, Missionary Training Program, Child Sponsorship Program, and Assemblies of God World Relief. Mission News from Around the World includes links to various networking sties. Other sections include Missions Video Catalogue, Youth Missions, World Missions publications, Unreached Peoples Ministry, ACTION Program for national pastors support, Regional, Country Information, Maps, etc., and Other Missions Sites.

Included are sections on China Harvest, Harvest Fellowship, COMPUTE (Coalition of Motivated Professionals Using Technology for Evangelism). The 10-40 Window Alliance focuses on Central and Eastern Asia, The Middle East, and Northern Africa, providing short fact sheets about various cities, including prayer needs. The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Alliance provides information on Language Aids, Travel, Places to Visit, News Agencies reporting on CIS, Involvement, and Gateway Cities information. Various departments also include Music and Missions, Church Services, and Agency Services.

Determined, under God, to be a spiritually empowered family of servants committed to glorifying Him, ABWE will follow Christ's command to preach the Gospel throughout the world. As representatives of our sending churches, ABWE sets forth to boldly evangelize, disciple, train leadership and establish reproducing Baptist churches in agreement with thier doctrinal statement. ABWE is committed to integrity, excellence, compassion and accountability until our Lord returns. This missions organization is committed to obeying the Great Commission and assuming all the responsibilities connected with this command, to exercising the spirit of Christ in ABWE dealings with churches, missionaries, donors, and critics, to the priority of the local New Testament church and its leadership, pastors and deacons to providing faithful service for the local churches as they send out their missionaries, to the principle of accountability between the mission, missionaries, and supporting churches. In concert with ABWE sending churches the organization is committed to maintaining high standards for all ABWE personnel, to the New Testament principle and practice of evangelism, discipling, and planting reproductive Baptist churches, to a program of church planting that has national leadership, ownership, and stewardship in view from the inception, to a fiscal responsibility in serving their supporting churches and missionaries, and to do all they can to bring people to Christ throughout the world, maintaining a biblical perspective andbalance regarding our involvement in church planting and ministries of compassion. -- Adapted from ABWE: Who Are We, by Dr. Wendell Kempton. ABWE's very nicely designed web site includes ABWE organizational and contact information (refer to ABWE's E-mail Directory for administrative contacts), brief country descriptions and activity reports in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Also documented on line are Ministry Opportunities, ABWE Volunteers (The Volunteer Concept, and How Volunteers Serve), and Planned Giving support. The New Books section of ABWE's catalog of available publications includes detailed descriptions of books that chronicle the experience of international mission throughout the world. Periodical represented on line include The Message Magazine, and ABWE Family News (both referred to in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide.) Recommended.
Contents Page: http://www.abwe.org/sitemap/sitemap.htm

ACSI is a service organization and a mission organization, with missionary staff overseas helping national churches establish Christan schools and helping national Christian schools establish their ownnetworks of Christian schools and christian educators. They serve over 110 MK schools by providing professional development opportunities, recruiting services, accreditation services, a journal, and a pre-field orientation program for MK school teachers and dorm parents. Over 800,000 students are represented in the schools and colleges which are members of ACSI. Information on line includes organizational and historical information. International Ministries includes a Prayer Guide, a Missions Coordinator Proigram, a Missions Day, Student Sponsorship, and International Student Ministries, Accreditation Services, Regional Offices (Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States), Services to Christian Educators, Publications (ASCI World, Touch the World, ASCI Prayer Guide, Overseas Schools Profiles, and Christian School Materials and Resources Translated into Other Languages). More information is included under sections on Curriculum Materials, Student Activities, School Accreditation and Teacher Certification, Student Training, Legal and Legislative Support (including another newsletter), History, and a full fledged Directory of Members.

Reverend Jonathan Chiu, Pastor. ACCC is an active evangelical church with an interest in many fellowships. On site are the church's weekly bulletins, both in Chinese and in English, provided in Jpeg (image) format. ACCC's Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, and History, and service schedule is provided. The church also provides information about its departments and fellowships, again, in Jpeg format for Chinese and English language readers. Also described are other activities. The site represents a friendly church committed to the Great Commission. Recommended.

BACK TO THE BIBLE [new 7/96]
Visiting Back to the Bible on the Internet reminds me of all those times they were there when I turned on the car radio on my way to work. If you want to establish guidelines for steadfast care and reliability, then turn your browsers to this site often. Back to the Bible was begun by the late Theodore Epp and continues under the helm of Dr. Woodrow Kroll. And we will often see references to another well-loved Christian missionary and compelling writer, Elisabeth Elliott, associated with Back to the Bible. Their web site is loaded with information which precludes a thorough description here, but highlights include a first-rate Daily Devotional and archive, a section for Knowing God (which includes information on Finding God, and Growing Closer to God. Its Media Ministrys section will introduce the reader to Back to the Bible, Gateway to Joy, Confident Living, and, The Bible Minute, primarily with RealAudio sound files. Its International Ministries section describes Back to the Bible's involvement in 13 countries, including Australia, Equador, India, Italy, Jamaica, the Philippines, Poland, Sri Lanka, the UK, Russia, South America, and Hong Kong. Detailed information is provided in its International Media Opportunities section. Back to the Bible includes information about its International Scholarship Fund, its National Support Fund, its Famine Relief Program and Bible/ Literature distribution projects as well as Mission Support and Back to the Bible Monday radio broadcasts under its Missions section. At the time of our survey this wonderful ministry was offering a download for their full-length book, Elijah - A Man of Like Nature, by Theodore Epp. Other information provided in their Resources section includes New Products, Special Offers, and Featured Resources. Very Highly Recommended.

The Bangkla Baptist Hospital is a non profit hospital owned by the Baptist Churches Foundation of Thailand and founded for the purpose of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the people of Thailand through medical ministry.

Available are the Baptist Bible Tribune (described in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide), Sermons and Stories, information on churches, colleges, foreign missions and state fellowships, music and drama resources, and BBFI subscriber lists. Find an extensive collection of sermons, and stories & illustrations at this site. There are more morsals at BBFI than space in this guide permits; check it out.

... thou shalt go to all that shall I send the... - Jeremiah 1:7. Information at this site includes: the BMFP Mission Statement, the BMFP Statement of Purpose, Phone Numbers for BMFP, BMFP Staff to call for assistance, BMFP History to reach the World for Christ, Mission Fields in need of missionaries (including Azores, Canada, Colombia, England, Germany, Grenada, Iceland, Lithuania, Ukraine, United States, Philippines Romania, Russia, Sicily, South Africa, Trinidad, Bolivia, Brazil, France, Korea, Nigeria, Mexico, Moldovia, and West Africa), and, Directions on how to apply to be a missionary, amongst other information.

A Worldwide Ministry of Encouragement. Barnabas International is a non-denominational mission agency committed to the encouragement, edification and enrichment of men and women in missions, and national pastors and leaders. Their desire to bring the biblical Good News of Jesus Christ in word and presence in order that hearts may be refreshed to serve the King of Kings. The staff of Barnabas travel to dozens of mission locations each year to provide conferences, seminars, pastoral residencies, marriage retreats, and personal counseling. The Resources section at this site provides information about ministries conducted by BI Staff, including conferences for mission centers, marriage retreats, family retreats and conferences, missionary kids, women's conferences, intermission dinners, pastoral residencies, pastor, marital and clinical counseling, discipleship, assistance with training and equipping during furlough, liason to other ministries, and equipping U.S. churches for missions. Publications of this ministry include Encouragement Letter by Dr. Lareau Lindquist (noted in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide), and other brochures, books and guides available for ordering from Barnabas International. Information is provided about BI's Pastors to Ministers Conference, intended for men and women providing itinerant pastoral care to missionaries, for mission pastors, and for pastors of local congregations who travel to visit their missionaries. PTM CareNet is an email network designed to keep the members of the pastoral care community in touch with each other. Once each week an email newsletter goes to each subscriber. Highly recommended.
Text Only Version: http://www.barnabas.org/textonly.htm

A practical guide placed on World Wide Web by the Sydney Centre for World Missions. The document explores ways of Information Gathering: Checking a group's name and the status of evangelization; checking if a people group profile is available on line; and general internet search on language, culture and people. There are other sections that explore Linking and a brief note on Discipling.
Sydney Centre for World Missions: http://www.pastornet.net.au/scwm

An international, inter-denominational Scripture placement and church planting ministry founded in 1938. The Bible League's purpose is to provide Scriptures that bring people into the fellowship of Christ and His Church. Provided at this site are lead articles that detail specific events in areas of the world where the Bible League is Involved. The articles provide links to more information, including books that are available. By simply signing their guest book, readers can receive a copy of WORD POWER, an audio CD that contains 20+ true stories about the power of God's Word and the ministry of The Bible League around the world. Recommended.

Bible Literature Internatioanl is a nonprofit organization which began in 1923 in Columbus, Ohio. BLI's founder, Dr. Don Falkenberg, quit his job as a fish salesman to go into full-time ministry to enable people to have the Scriptures and experience God for themselves. ... After more than 70 years, the impact of BLI's work is evident around the world, with ministry experience in virtually every country except North Korea. In fact, in a typical year, BLI is involved in ministry in 60-80 countries! And it's always done with the same goal in mind: to help people find new life in Jesus Christ! - from About Bible Literature International. Current Projects are outlined for Asia, Europe, The Middle East, North America and South America, and Africa. The ministry also provides cogent cultural and ministry information as well as pictures in its Recent Trips section. The Word Around Us, a devotional, will eventually be made available at the web site, and e-mail and paper copy subscriptions also available by filling out the request page. Recommended.
Quick Index: http://www.bli.org/flat/home.html

An excellent site fulfilling God's purpose by way of Bible translation, outreach, and news. There is some very straight forward information provided at this site that provides answers, encouragement and inspiration. Do not miss this wonderful site. In fact, may we recommend a bookmark. What's here? Take a look at a very good hypertext version of the Gospel of Mark from The Contemporary English Bible. Also included are sections: Big Words Explained, Who Wrote the Bible?, and more information on the CEV version. One Compelling Purpose of the Bible Society in Australia is to put a tranlation of the Bible into the language of the reader. The section called Mark's Top 10 includes the top 10 Bible stories from the Gospel of Mark. (Use the link at the bottom of each document to page through these Top 10.) A State News section provides connections to The Bible Society sites in Western Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales, and there will be others. Check out God's Answers! This is a exceptionally useful topical arrangement of Bible verses that very aptly minister to various problems in our lives as does another section, The You Factor. Hey, kids are also included! Review the Children's Report, this year focusing on Israel. And, kids can join God's Gang, the Bible Society's Children's Club. The Society also makes available its Bible-A-Month Newsletter, reported elsewhere in this guide. Another wonderful resource is the Society's cooperative project with Scripture Union entitled Bible Reading Plan. In addition to a chart of scheduledreading, there are descriptive information: A Reading Plan for You; and, How to Read Your Bible. Another important point addressed by BSA is addressed in the title of another section: Faith Comes by Hearing. Information is provided about the Society's Bible Listening Program through the use of audio cassettes. This very well developed site also includes FAQ sheets to address questions about the Bible. This site gets four stars in our NJB Guide.
Bible Society Western Australia: http://perth.dialix.oz.au/~pjb/biblesoc.html
Bible Society Tasmania: http://www.bible.org.au/tasnews.htm
Bible Society New South Wales: http://www.bible.org.au/nswhome.htm

Provided by Abilene Christian University, the following annotated scholarly bibliographies are available for research at the time of our survey: Africa, by Richard Chowning; Asia, by Bob Buchanan; Europe, by Gwynneth Curtis; Latin America, by A. Brian Mc Lemore; and, North America, by P. Kent Smith. Additional Bibliographies will include: Australia and the Pacific; and, American Indians. Recommended.
Abilene Christian University: http://www.acu.edu/

... for the Brethren in Christ Church. An unofficial BIC page, with lots of information, being developed by Bob Bergey & Dwight Thomas. From the BicPage readers can find Basic BIC E-mail addresses, information about BIC Congregations on Line, BIC Mission Links, and a connection to Cedarville College is provided. There is information about/ on line connections to sister organizations... Mennonite, Church of the Brethren, Mennonite Brethren, and CM&A Churches. Links to Christian Colleges and Seminaries, and e-mail links to mission organizations are also made available. The BicPage also provides an on line connection to The Ranching Report: A Working Newsletter for Growing Churches (also described in the Newsletters/Journals section of this guide), and the BIC-L discussion list hosted at Cedarville College (reported in the Mail-based services section of this guide). BicNet also has provided an extensive geographical e-mail directory of personnel affiliated with the Brethren in Christ Church. Highly recommended.

The Center provides basic information about BGC's collections of primary sources documenting North American Protestant nondenominational evangelism and missions, with a special emphais on documents about Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The BGC Archives also includes sections on Documents in the Spotlight (which will include exhibits on church history themes as well as individual documents of interest); a glossary and other helpful background information for anyone interested in using our collections about Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. There is also a link to the home page of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; Transcripts of some of our oral history collections available through a connection to their gopher. Another connection to their gopher will make the text of several dozens of the guides to our individual collections available. There are detailed descriptions of services provided, such as inter-library loan procedures, preparing assignments for classes, loan of materials, off-site reference requests, etc. Pages are provided on special programs for home schooling families, local congregational archivists, and Wheaton College alumni. Various BGC Archives publications can be accessed, including the most recent issue of the BGC Archive newsletter. The archive provides links to other archives around the United States with material of related interest and to other archives on the campus of the Wheaton College.

Bringing Good News to the Nations. One of the best known and loved evangelists of current times, we are pleased to note the appearance of the main web site of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. There exists a substantial amount of information at this BGEA site, including Current Events (programming information, Billy Graham's current Prayer Letter, and most recent News release, current information on Billy Graham Crusades, and eventually audio messages and broadcast schedules). We Can Help, provides a BGEA FAQ relating to salvation and Christian faith. One can find detailed information about the organization's North American ministries (Carolinas Billy Graham Crusade Web Site; Recent Ministry in Review; information about Past Billy Graham Crusades, information relevant to related Schools of Evangelism as well as the Institute of Evangelism at Wheaton College), and International Ministries: provided is an introduction, and regional reports from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Central Independent States (former USSR), Europe, Latin America, and Oceana. Highlighted at the time of our survey is the television program, A Season for Peace. Decisions Magazine is represented (see the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide). Provided also are sections on Charitable Giving, World Wide Publications (Donald Grayson Ministries), World Wide Pictures (including a List of Available Films (twenty-one of them) as well as Classical Sermons made by Reverend Graham. There are a number of descriptive files under the section entitled About Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, including recent news, a mission statement and annual report; and, Biographies and Profiles of Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows, George Beverly Shay, Ralph Bell, Franklin Graham, John Wesley White, T.W. Wilson, Akbar Abdul-Haqq, and Robert Cunville. A photo archive and video library are forthcoming. Highly recommened.
Main Index Page: http://www.graham-assn.org/bgea/bgeamain.htm

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