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Aspects can be delivered to you by one of two methods: You can have Aspects delivered to your e-mail box, or you can receive it in the laser-printed edition, delivered through the mail.

The e-mail edition is roughly 40kb in size, and that the printed edition is 8 (4 two-sided) pages in length.

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Aspects is published monthly. You may subscribe to the laser-printed (hard copy) edition, which is sent out via regular mail. This edition has the following advantages:
Aspects is distributed free-of-charge, without obligation, in service to our Lord and to His glory. For your free paper copy subscription to Aspects, send a note to

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Other Correspondence:

Speaking now with several years' experience corresponding with Dave Lampel I know that David genuinely likes to correspond with folk that he has met through the internet, and that he is truely a friendly fellow. He welcomes the opportunity to write. If you like his work consider writing him a letter.
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