FRC Monthly Support Newletter September 1994

True Love Waits Campaign

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Virtuous Reality

If you think everybody out there is having sex, think again. There are lots people ... like those of us pictured here ... who are choosing to save sex until marriage.

We've chosen to wait because we want to know love to the fullest. We want to give all of ourselves to our future mates. We want to carry no baggage on our honeymoon.

Sure, purity requires patience. But the best things in life are worth waiting for. And ... marriage is definitely one of life's best things.

Pictured are (from top left, clockwise) -- Lakita Garth: Professional dancer and entertainer, Brooke Olsen: Student in Maryland, Tracey Olsen: College student in Colorado, Michael Wang: Ivy league graduate, Daniel Rohlfs: N.Y.C. high school student, and Adam Peacocke: California Beach Volleyball Player.

Safe Sex -- Be Passionate about Purity.

Tough Love

Some people think a guy has to have sex to prove he's a man. We don't think so. The truth is, it takes a lot more strength to keep your passions under control than to give in to them. We know. We've chosen to save sex for marriage ... and waiting isn't (for guys or girls). But waiting is worth it. We've chosen to wait because we know sex is supposed to unite a man and a woman in a way nothing else can. It's supposed to be fun ... and much, -much-, much more.

That's why we're passing up cheap sex now. And why we're holding out for the ultimate: sex with the one we'll vow to love forever.

Pictured are (from top left, clockwise) -- Jonathan Durfield: college student, Timothy Durfield: store manager, Emily English: high school student, Julianne Morris: professional actress, Adger McKay, carpenter: youth worker, and Esther Chen: student & bass player.

Safe Sex -- Hold Out for the Ultimate

The New Revolution

First, they questioned marriage. Said that love should be "free." But "free love" turned out costly. Very costly for some. Now, they're pushing condoms. Saying sex should be "safe". But "safe sex" can be risky (to your health and your heart.)

We think it's time for a new revolution. We think it's time for a love that is real ... and lasting ... and pure. A love that sees sex as a celebration of two lives shared together. Forever.

That's why we believe in MARRIAGE. And why we're saving sex for it.

Pictured are (from top left, clockwise) -- Bob Bowne: Law Student, Caroline Metherell: College Student, Dana Glover: Musician, Model, Rob Anderson: Medical Technician, Yvonne Duvier: Singer, Actress, and David Dettoni: Youth Worker

Safe Sex - Keep Your Love Pure.

True Sexual Freedom

Get this... We've found a way you can have great sex with no guilt and total freedom from all the fears of sex in the 90's; Fears like:

What's the way? Stay young. Be pure. Enjoy marriage.

Pictured are (from top left, clockwise) -- (center) Darren & Chris Cote': Married 1 year, Eric & Kim White: Married 2 years, Cindy & Bruce Halsted: Married 3 years; 1 child (Christina), Joslyn & Sam Alderson: Newlyweds, Peter & Joyce Caruso: Married 3 years, Dennis & Claudia Lyon: Married 2 years, Basil & Elizabeth Williams: Married 55 years; 4 children, 11 grandkids, 8 great grandchildren.

Safe Sex -- Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

A Clean Slate

Listen up. Many people are learning the hard way that sex without a lifelong commitment is empty. We know. We've been there. Done that. And we don't plan to make that mistake again.

Look, we know sex is a big deal. It's such a big deal, that it ought to be saved for marriage. That's why we've started over. Wiped the slate clean. And why we're looking forward to doing things right the next time.

Pictured are (from top left, clockwise) -- Lisa Allen: Professional model & dancer, Dawn Ratcliff: Professional model in South Beach, Fl., Howard Dell: Actor, Singer, and former Olympic bobsledder, Clint Owens: Caterer, chef, and weekend surfer, and Jim Bevacqua: Creative film associate.

Safe Sex -- It's Never Too Late to Wait.

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