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The pulpit's one business is the simple
expository teaching of God's word.
-Henry Halley

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The Footprints of Hedley Palmer...

May we extend a warm WELCOME to our networking visitors from The Palmer Pulpit , a series of Bible expositions presented by Hedley Palmer, pastor of the Stramshall Church in Derbyshire, England, teacher, musician, radio commentator, and international traveller for the Lord.

Pastor Palmer began his ministry in 1939 at the Elim church at Merthyr Tydfil (Wales), moving in 1940 to Elim church in Dunfermline. In 1942 he began a series of pastorates in Crawcrook, Chesterfield, Louth (of which Donald Gee was a member), Wigan, Hull, Scunthrope, Glynneath, Heanor, Uttoxeter, and Stramshall (his present church).

While pastoring, he has served with the Assemblies of God Credentials Committee, and the A/G Board of Governors. He has presented approximately 5,000 radio broadcasts during his thirty-two year involvement with radio. Hedley produced an album of General Conferences for a number of years, and built radio studios in Bromley, Nottingham, Nairobi, and Alicante, also acting as an advisor for French and Italian fellowships during the formation of their broadcasting departments. He has taught in as diverse places as Kenley and Nairobi, and IBTI in Rome and in Poland, and still visits Italy and the surrounding area twice a year. His footprints extended to Radio Luxembourg every Tuesday night, the British audience alone amounting to a half million.

Pastor Palmer has been serving on the Camp Committee for 30 years. He founded and conducted the Revivaltime Choir for 10 years. The choir has visited Germany, France and Italy, and produced eight albumns of songs.

Does Hedley Palmer have more places to go? Although he has an ailing wife their love still extends to ministry, and they still follows as the Lord leads them forward. Hedley is engaged in the production of cassettes at the lowest price to reach any person of any persuasion with the "Truth of God's Word" To this end he has set up a non-profit organization called Bible Searchers Fellowship . He is still teaching at the Bible school in Rome and visiting various area churches, and one can still find his footprints on the Lord's path. And, now ICLnet has been given the priviledge to find Hedley Palmer, and his friend, Edward Cook, examining an extended minisry on the internet. They are presently laboring to put Pastor Palmer's published work of Psalms on the network, and more expositions on Bible books and topical studies, like Back to the Book , The King is Coming , First Born Sons , and Satan As An Angel of Light , are expected to follow.

It is with a deep sense of excitement and hope that we, welcome our faithful servant and friend to another area of ministry. We look forward to an equally far-reaching path, to find wisdom, encouragement, and energy that Hedley is able to give through his years in the pastorate.

Welcome, Pastor Palmer, and welcome, our internet friends.

Internet E-Mail...

Readers are welcomed to write to Pastor Palmer at the following internet e-mail address. Would correspondents please include the word Pulpit in your e-mail subject line.

The Palmer Pulpit...

In this section are the epositions that are currently available online. Welcome to The Palmer Pulpit .
Files in this archive are freely distributable. Files are Copyright (c) 1995, 1996 Hedley Palmer. All rights reserved. This archived prepared by cooperative agreement with Pastor Hedley Palmer and ICLnet .

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