In Unison
A Devotional

In Unison...
A Devotional

Fellow Christians, we welcome you to David Lampel's devotional series for the choir, the worship leader, and anyone desiring to experience or lead in a deeper worship experience, In Unison.

In Unison is a completed work, consisting of a total of 19 separate articles.

About David Lampel

David has also provided a brief biographical note.

Aspects, a monthly devotional journal is also hosted at ICLnet.

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Be sure to visit David's World Wide Web / FTP archive to find additional work from our prolific writer friend:

Most issues of In Unison consist of two parts:

- The main article has been written to be the 'public' portion--either re-printed for each choir member or read to them during a devotional time.

- The supplemental material (accompanying most issues) has been included for the director or leader to use as background to further his or her own study.

In Unison...

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