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A Compendium of the Christian Religion:

  • A Compendium of the Christian Religion
  • An IPB-e study on the Compendium of Christian Religion is also available on the IPB-E web.
  • The Shorter Catechism:

         Original complete title:
         THE SHORTER CATECHISM, agreed upon by The Assembly of Divines
         at Westminster, with the Assistance of Commissioners from the
         Church of Scotland, as a part of the covenanted uniformity in 
         religion betwixt the churches of Christ in the kingdoms of 
         Scotland, England, and Ireland. And approved Anno 1648, by the 
         General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, to be a Directory for
         catechising such as are of weaker Capacity with references to the
         Proofs from the Scripture

    Simple Catechism Questions for Children:

    by Rev. L.G.C. Ledeboer, Late Reformed Minister at Benthuizen, The Netherlands [d. 1863]

    The Consolation of the Sick...

    The Consolation of the Sick, which is an Instruction in Faith, and the Way of Salvation, to prepare the Believer to die willingly.

    Reverend John Flavel

    The Life of the Late Reverend Mr. John Flavel, Minister of Dartmouth

    Martin Luther:

    Luther's Little Instruction Book (The Small Catechism of Martin Luther), translated by Robert E. Smith, 1994.:
  • The Small Catechism of Martin Luther

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