Date:         Mon, 30 Jan 1995 10:20:11 +0100
Sender:       Christian explanation of the Scriptures to Israel
From:         Teus Benschop 
Subject:      Catechism, 1
  Dear Subscriber,
  At the  moment are running  at this list  two sorts of  explanation. "The
  Scriptures  Opened"   gives  explanations  of   several  scripture-texts.
  "Deuteronomy" is an  ongoing explanation of one  Bible-book. I think that
  it  is  now  time to  start  a systematic  explanation  of  the Christian
  teachings. That is not done in "The Scriptures Opened" and "Deuteronomy",
  for there is explained  what the text  says. A systematic explanation  of
  Christian  teachings  works quite  otherwise. This  takes here  and there
  Bible-texts,  compares them,  and forms  of  them a  systematic  unity of
  Biblical teachings.
  As a form of  education is chosen the form of  questions and answers. The
  questions are taken from two standard catechisms in the Christian Church.
  These  are "The  Shorter Catechism"  and "A  Compendium of  the Christian
  Religion". You can get the electronic versions of  these books by sending
  the following commands to  get shorter get   
  compchrs But for now, I send you these two books, so you need not to ask 
  for it.
  If you have questions, send them to the list or directly  to me. When you
  send your question  to the list, I also will answer  to the list. Sending
  directly to me  gives you  a personal  answer. Feel free  to discuss  the
  Christian teachings on the list, because that favours all of us.
  May God give  you His grace, in order that His Word may bring forth fruit
  in your life.
  Teus Benschop
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