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  Q. By what means can you escape this punishment, and be again received
into favour?
  A.  By  such  a Mediator, who is in one person very God,  and  a  real
righteous man.

We  cannot  escape our punishment through our own works,  because  those
works  are  defiled  in itself, and therefore have no  value  enough  to
redeem  us.  We  have need of a Mediator. A common  man  cannot  be  our
mediator, for he even cannot pay for himself through his sins, let alone
that  he  can pay for us. Therefore, to be without sin, He must be  God.
Because  men  sinned, God will punish sin to men. For that  reason,  our
Mediator  must  be  man;  a real, righteous man.  This  Mediator  stands
between  God and us. That Mediator, being Himself also God, we see  that
we  have,  on the one side, a Mediator between God and us,  and  on  the
other side, we have to deal with God directly. Through this Mediator, we
can escape this capital punishment, and we are again received into God's

 Q. Who is that Mediator?
  A.  Our Lord Jesus Christ, who in one person is true God, and  a  real
righteous man.

When  we  are  very afraid for our coming punishment, we  will  be  very
anxious  to  know Who that Mediator is. The answer is: that Mediator  is
our  Lord  Jesus Christ. He is in one person both true God, and  a  real
righteous  man.  He  is God, because He is born of God.  He  is  a  man,
because He is born of Mary. He is a righteous man, because He never  has
sinned, and has observed all the law and showed all obedience.
- Our Lord Jesus Christ is the true God, for He is the Son of God.
     He "shall be called the Son of God." (Luke 1:35)
- Our Lord Jesus Christ is a real man, for He is born of Mary.
     And  the  angel  answered and said unto her, The Holy  Ghost  shall
     come  upon  thee,  and  the power of the Highest  shall  overshadow
     thee:  therefore also that holy thing which shall be born  of  thee
     shall be called the Son of God. (Luke 1:35)
- Our Lord Jesus Christ is a righteous man, for He is without sin.
     When  He  asked: "Which of you convinceth me of sin?" (John  8:46),
     nobody did so, for He was without.

 Q. Could not the angels be our mediators?
 A. No; for they are neither God nor man.

Though  the  good angels are without sin, yet they are neither  God  nor
man. They cannot be our mediators. Calling upon them is in vain, yes, it
is  even sin. For one, to do any religious duty, there must be a command
of God. God never commanded us to belief in any angel for our salvation.
Therefore,  doing  so  is doing something without  God's  will,  and  is
therefore a sin.

 Q. Cannot the saints be our mediators?
  A. No; for they themselves have sinned, and have obtained salvation by
no other means, than through this Mediator.

Also the saints cannot be our mediators. They have sinned themselves, so
how  could  they  pay  for us? They themselves are  saved  by  the  only
Mediator, by Christ. When we use the saints as our examples, let we then
do  like  they  did: they believed in Christ as their Mediator.  Calling
upon  the name of the saints in not only in vain, but it is a sin.  For,
when  some  expect their salvation, or a part thereof, from the  saints,
they  in fact despise Jesus as their only Mediator. Calling upon  saints
is rejecting God.

  Q. Shall all men then be saved by the Mediator, Jesus, as they are all
condemned in Adam?
  A.  No;  but  those only who receive him by a true  faith;  as  it  is
written,  John 3:16: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his  only
begotten  Son,  that whosoever believeth in him should not  perish,  but
have everlasting life."

We  see the difference. All are we condemned in Adam, but only those who
believe in Jesus Christ, by a true faith, will be saved. Jesus does  not
pray  for the world, but only for those given Him: "I pray for  them:  I
pray  not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they
are  thine." (John 17:9) Many do not believe in the Mediator, in  Jesus,
to  prove the truth is this saying, that not all are saved. So, what  is
there  to  do for us? Believe in Him, and you will not perish, but  have
everlasting life.

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