Honor the Rescuer

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A teacher and a student talking about the honor due to a rescuer


A teacher and a student were walking along the river. While doing that, they saw a child falling in the water, and a man rescuing it.

Student: This reminds me of what happened last week, in our neighborhood. A young boy fell in deep water, and he was unable to come out. Fortunately, Nathan walked along, heard one crying "help, help", and looked what was the matter. He saw the boy, trying to come out, but he did not succeed. The bank was too high for him. It was a cliff. Nathan took a robe and cast it to the boy, but he was unable to seize it. Then he made a noose in the robe, and threw it around the floundering boy. He succeeded, pulled him up, and thus saved him.

Teacher: Fortunately, he was rescued.

Student: Surely, and what do you think that happens now? The young boy is very, very thankful to Nathan, the rescuer. He knows that he was utterly unable to rescue himself, for the cliff was too high for him. Also his parents, and his family show their thankfulness.

Teacher: Yes, I understand. No wonder that they are so thankful. I also know a like story. My son fell in some water, not so deep. He cried "help", and tried to swim to the side. My neighbor heard it, and came running by. When he came at the place, he saw that my son had succeeded to come out. The neighbor held out his hand, to help him to do the last step. Yet, my son also had been able to come out without any help.

Student: Was your son thankful to the neighbor?

Teacher: No, not so much. Though he was glad that my neighbor came to help him, yet, he had saved himself. You see that the amount of thank depends on the amount of help given. One who gives little help, will receive little thank. One who gives much help will receive much thank. And one, who helps somebody who is utterly unable to rescue himself, will receive very much thank. The thank which the saved person gives him will be much and during a long time. The rescuer will be honored, even years later. Also when the saved person sees his benefactor, he will remember that he was saved by him.

Student: Is this the same with all types of deliverance, as rescue from water, from enemies, and also religious delivery?

Teacher: Yes, surely it is. To speak about religious delivery, it is the same also therein. There are at least two sorts of people. The one group say that they must begin the deliverance themselves, and that then God will help them. The other group say that they are absolutely unable to save themselves, and they put all their trust in God only. As a consequence of this difference, they are more or less thankful to God. The first group, the people who think to save themselves, give not much honor to God. Why should they? For God has but a little helped them, nothing more. The second group, the people who know that they cannot save themselves, will consequently give much more honor to God. He has saved them. While they were unable, He delivered them.

Student: What says the Bible about the amount of honor due to God? As far as I know, the Bible gives very much honor to Him. Yes, even more, it says that God will not give His honor to another.

Isa.48:11 I will not give my glory unto another.

Isa.42:8 My glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

Teacher: That is right. The second group of people, who give more honor to God, live more according to the Bible. The more honor we give to God, the better it is.

Student: You spoke about the two groups. Who are they?

Teacher: They are the groups of the Jews and the Christians. The Jews say that they can deliver themselves, as least that they must begin themselves. And when they have begun, God will help them. The Christians say that all grace is coming from God; and that a man is absolutely unable to deliver himself.

Student: Which group gives the most honor to God?

Teacher: The Christians, for they know that all comes from God. The religion which gives the most honor to God, is the true religion. For that religion is according to the Bible, which also gives the most honor to God.

Student: What? Christians give honor to God? I always hear my friends saying that the Christians dishonor Him!

Teacher: Yes, I know, but it is not true. There are of course Christians who dishonor God, but then they live not according to their religion. The Jewish religion says that it honors God. Yet it is but boasting. When you look at the facts, what we just have done, you see that it is quite opposite.

Student: Yes, that means... I think I should reconsider some things.

Teacher: Examine the Bible, look to the people, ask for God's grace, and come to a conclusion. Know that Jesus Christ is the Rescuer of those that believe in Him.


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