Kersten, Heidelberg Catechism

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Heidelberg Catechism, Volume 1

The Heidelberg Catechism in 52 Sermons, by Rev. G.H. Kersten, Late Minister of the Netherlands Reformed Congregation, Rotterdam, Holland. 1968. Translated from the Holland and printed by the Netherlands Reformed Congregations in America.

Introduction, Foreword, Table of Contents
Q.1-2 : The Christian's Only Comfort in Life and Death
Q.3-5 : Of the Knowledge of Our Misery
Q.6-8 : The Dreadful Cause of Man's Misery
Q.9-11 : God's Righteousness Vindicated Against Fallen Man
Q.12-15 : The Anguished Cry of a Convicted Sinner for Deliverance
Q.16-19 : The Person of the Mediator Revealed
Q.20-23 : True Faith, the Line of Separation
Q.24-25 : Faith in the Holy Trinity
Q.26 : God's Fatherhood
Q.27-28 : The Providence of God
Q.29-30 : The Name Jesus
Q.31-32 : The Significance of the Name Christ for the Mediator and for His Elect
Q.33-34 : The Glory of Christ
Q.35-36 : The Incarnation of the Word
Q.37-39 : Christ's Mediatorial Suffering
Q.40-44 : The Death of Christ and His Descent Into Hell
Q.45 : The Profit of the Resurrection of Christ
Q.46-49 : Of the Ascension of Christ
Q.50-52 : The Heavenly Glory of Christ
Q.53 : Of the Holy Ghost
Q.54-56 : The Church of God
Q.57-58 : The Eternal Bliss of the Church of God
Q.59-61 : The Justification of the Sinner Before God as the Benefit of Faith
Q.62-64 : The Relationship of God Works to the Justification of the Sinner Before God
Q.65-68 : Of the Author of Faith and the Means of Grace Appointed by Him
Q.69-71 : The Relation of Holy Baptism to the Sacrifice of Christ (end)


Heidelberg Catechism, Volume 2 (Lord's Day 27-52)

Contents, Pts. 27-52 (Q.72-129)
Q.72-74 : The Essential Value of Baptism
Q.75-77 : Communion of Faith with Christ
Q.78-79 : The Spiritual Nourishment of God's Children in the Lord's Supper
Q.80-82 : The Proper Use of the Lord's Supper
Q.83-85 : Of the Keys of the Kingdom
Q.86-87 : The Necessity of God's Works
Q.88-91 : True Conversion
Q.92-95 : The Law of God
Q.96-98 : Of Divine Worship According to God's Word
Q.99-100 : The Hallowing of the Lord's Name
Q.101-102 : Swearing an Oath Religiously
Q.103 : Keeping the Lord's Day Holy
Q.104 : The Required Obedience to the Authorities God has Set Over Us
Q.105-107 : God's Watch Over the Life of Man
Q.108-109 : The Sanctity of Marriage
Q.110-111 : Of Property
Q.112 : Bearing False Witness Forbidden
Q.113-115 : The Fountain of Sin Discovered
Q.115-119 : Of Prayer
Q.120-121 : Of the Address of Prayer
Q.122 : Hallowing God's Name
Q.123 : The Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven
Q.124 : The Petition that God's Will be Done
Q.125 : The Petition for the Provision of Temporal Needs
Q.126 : A Supplication for Remission of Sins
Q.127-129 : The Petition for the Lord's Protection
(Conclusion, Kersten, Vol.2)


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