(Liturgy, Reformed Churches, Part 3)

Form for the Public Confession of Faith 
(Before or after the sermon the minister requests those who 
intend to make public confession of their faith to arise and 
reply to the following questions:) 
1. Do you acknowledge the doctrine of our church, which you 
have learned, heard, and confessed, to be the true and complete 
doctrine of salvation, conforming with the Sacred Scriptures? 
2. Do you promise, by the grace of God, to continue steadfastly 
in the profession of this doctrine and to live and die in 
accordance therewith? 
3. Do you promise, at all times to conduct yourself conformably 
to this doctrine, faithfully, honorably, and beyond reproach, 
and to adorn your confession with good works? 
4. Do you promise that you with submit to admonition, 
correction, and church discipline in the event (which God 
forbid) that you may become delinquent either in doctrine or in 
Answer: Yes. 

Liturgy of the Reformed Churches

(continued in part 4...)

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