(Owen. The Glory of Christ, Part 2. Introductory)

The Glory of Christ: Part 2

Meditations And Discourses Concerning The Glory Of Christ; 
Applied Unto Unconverted Sinners And Saints Under Spiritual Decays. 
In Two Chapters, From John 17:24. 
Original Preface. 
To The Reader. 
    The design of this preface is not to commend either the author 
or the matter contained in this little book. Let every reader do as 
he finds cause. Nor need any assurance be given that Dr Owen was the 
author, to any who have conversed with his writings, and will be at 
the pains to read this over. It is, indeed, his application of the 
former Discourses upon this subject, printed in the year 1684. But 
the reason why it was not then added (the omission whereof rendered 
that book imperfect to judicious readers) seems necessary to be 
given. Had it pleased God he had lived a little longer, it would 
have come out as perfect as his other works. But there being no more 
transcribed in his lifetime than what was then printed, and that 
published soon after his death, these two chapters, wrote only with 
his own hand, were found too late to be then added. They are 
therefore now printed to complete those Discourses. And it is 
presumed, that as no serious Christian who reads this will be 
satisfied without the other also, so all who prize the former will 
be glad of the opportunity to add this thereunto. * 
    * The Discourses that follow were first printed in 1691, eight 
years after the death of Dr Owen. This circumstance may explain the 
absence of the Italics, of which he generally made free use in all 
his publications. - Ed.

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