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Subject:      The Scriptures opened, 19
     1.    Weekly reading, Exodus/Shemot 36:1
     2.    Paraphrase of Psalm 119:1-24
     3.    New Testament, Hebrews 10:19-39, part 3 (final)
     4.    Books
  1. Weekly reading, Exodus/Shemot 36:1
  Then wrought Bezaleel  and Aholiab, and  every wise hearted man,  in whom
  the LORD  put wisdom and understanding to know how  to work all manner of
  work for the service of the sanctuary, according to all that the LORD had
  We  see the  people making  the tabernacle,  according to  God's command.
  "Then"  wrought Bezaleel and Aholiab, and  the other wise man. They began
  right away, without delay.  After they were commanded to do  so, they did
  not delay, or dawdle, but they began immediately. Thus doing, they give a
  good example  to the others,  and also to  us. When we  are called to  do
  something, let we obey without delay.
     They wrought together with every wise  hearted man, "in whom the  LORD
  put wisdom and understanding". When  is someone wise? When the LORD gives
  him the wisdom. When is one's heart wise? Not when he walks his own ways,
  but when God puts His  wisdom in his heart, to obey  Him speedily. By the
  way, what  is  true  wisdom?  Is  it  being  able  to  perfectly  make  a
  tabernacle? Yes, this belongs to wisdom, but it is not the wisdom itself.
  It follows  from wisdom. What  is true wisdom?  What is the  beginning of
  wisdom? "The  fear of the LORD  is the beginning  of wisdom." (Ps.111:10)
  These people, Bezaleel, Aholiab, and every wise hearted man, they all had
  the  fear of  the Lord, and  they made  the tabernacle in  that godsfear.
  While working, they knew how important is was to make it all according to
  God's will, and to despise their own thoughts. Therefore, Moses adds that
  they made all, "according to all that the LORD had commanded". All things
  of  the sanctuary had  to be according  to God's rules,  according to the
  pattern which He had showed to Moses on the mount.
     It gives rest in  your heart, when you know that you  are doing a work
  wherefore God has called you. This people, Bezaleel and Aholiab, had this
  peace in their hearts.  They worked according to God's will.  Let this be
  an example for us. Working  without God's calling is not recommended. Let
  we  be sure about our calling when we begin some work. Above all, when we
  work in the direct service of the  LORD. When we then encounter problems,
  we  may fight these  troubles, being sure about  our calling. One without
  calling, when meeting  troubles, will be in  danger to give up  trying to
  finish his work.  But one, having a sure calling of God, may fight in the
  power  of the  LORD, even when  it was  that everybody sabotaged.  See an
  example in Nehemiah. Sanballat and his mates tried to make Nehemiah cease
  his work. "That Sanballat  and Geshem sent unto me, saying,  Come, let us
  meet together in some  one of the villages in the  plain of Ono. But they
  thought to do me mischief. And I  sent messengers unto them, saying, I am
  doing  a great  work, so  that I cannot  come down:  why should  the work
  cease, whilst I leave  it, and come down  to you?" (Neh.6:2,3)  Nehemiah,
  being sure  of his  godly calling  to build  up the  walls of  the  city,
  resisted these evil  persons, and went  on in the power  of God. See  his
  prayer unto  God: "My God, think thou upon Tobiah and Sanballat according
  to these their works, and on the prophetess Noadiah, and the  rest of the
  prophets, that would have put me in fear." (Neh.6:14)
  2. Paraphrase of Psalm 119:1-24
             Text                               Paraphrase
  1 Blessed are the undefiled     Blessed are  the upright of  heart, who
  in the way, who walk in the     unfeignedly keep  the LORD's law.  Whom
  law of the LORD.                He makes walking in the godly track.
  2  Blessed  are  they  that     Blessed  is he,  who,  during days  and
  keep  his  testimonies, and     nights,  thinks about  God's will,  and
  that  seek  him   with  the     with  all his heart, and with intensive
  whole heart.                    powers seeks Him, the most high Good.
  3 They also do no iniquity:     He is  averse to evil, does not live in
  they walk in his ways.          sin, but governs his  walk according to
                                  God's laws.
  4 Thou hast commanded us to     Thou,   great   God,   Who   gives   us
  keep      thy      precepts     commands,   Thou   demands   that    we
  diligently.                     constantly take  care of Thy  word. And
                                  that  we firmly  put  our heart,  which
                                  sticks to Thy will, on Thy ways.
  5  O  that   my  ways  were     O, that  Thou  donated me  the help  of
  directed   to   keep    thy     Thy Spirit.  Might He  be my Leader  on
  statutes!                       my paths! Then  I would  keep Thy  law,
                                  then I would fearlessly live.
  6  Then  shall   I  not  be     Then will no shame cover my  face, when
  ashamed,   when    I   have     I   constantly  have   been  observant,
  respect   unto   all    thy     seeing how  Thy commandments arouse  me
  commandments.                   to Thy love.
  7 I  will praise  thee with     I will, being upright of  heart, always
  uprightness of  heart, when     give the fame  of Thy celebrity  to Thy
  I  shall  have  learned thy     Name,  o   LORD.  When   I  learn   the
  righteous judgments.            authority and the  holy purpose of  the
                                  immaculate right, written by Thy hand.
  8 I will keep thy statutes:     I  will  keep   Thy  statutes  to   Thy
  O forsake me not utterly.       honour;  do not  completely forsake  me
                                  in this life.
  9 Wherewithal shall a young     Wherewithal shall  the youth his  path,
  man  cleanse  his  way?  by     being  surrounded  by  vanities,   keep
  taking     heed     thereto     clean?   Surely,  when   he  keeps   it
  according to thy word.          according to the holy sheet.
  10 With my whole heart have     My heart  searches Thee;  my eye  keeps
  I sought thee: O let me not     staring at Thee. Let me not stray  from
  wander       from       thy     the  track, which  is contained  in Thy
  commandments.                   commandments.   Do   not  abandon   me,
  11 Thy  word have I  hid in     I  have  laid aside  Thy  speech in  my
  mine  heart,  that  I might     heart, that I  might keep myself  clear
  not sin against thee.           of the sins.
  12  Blessed  art   thou,  O     Thou  are  blessed, o  LORD.  Teach Thy
  LORD:    teach    me    thy     servant both  by the godly  Word (being
  statutes.                       found  a  bright  light),  and  by  Thy
                                  Spirit,   all   the  demands   of   Thy
                                  judgement. Then, Thy honour  will never
                                  be daringly violated by me.
  13  With  my  lips  have  I     I have  with desire told  to others all
  declared all  the judgments     the  judgements of  Thy  mouth. I  have
  of thy mouth.                   diligently taught them.
  14 I  have rejoiced  in the     From whole  the treasure  of the  great
  way of thy  testimonies, as     globe is never  risen in my  heart that
  much as in all riches.          joy, which  I continually found  in Thy
                                  testimonies.  I  have  done  them,  and
                                  recommended them to others.
  15 I  will meditate  in thy     I will,  o  God,  meditate Thy  law;  I
  precepts, and have  respect     will  stay awake  in the  investigation
  unto thy ways.                  of  Thy precepts,  while my  soul looks
                                  after Thy ways.
  16 I will delight myself in     My  mind  will  delight  itself  in Thy
  thy  statutes:  I  will not     statutes. Because  I expect help  on my
  forget thy word.                prayer,  my  mind will  not  forget Thy
                                  holy word, nor forsake it.
  17  Deal  bountifully  with     Do  mildness by  Thy  servant, o  LORD,
  thy  servant,  that  I  may     that I  may live, that  I may  keep Thy
  live, and keep thy word.        word,  and  that  Thy  Spirit  teach me
                                  true wisdom.
  18  Open  thou  mine  eyes,     That Thy  Spirit illuminates mine  eye,
  that I may  behold wondrous     brighten  up the  veils.  That my  soul
  things out of thy law.          sees  and  honours the  wonders,  which
                                  manifest  themselves everywhere  in Thy
  19 I  am a stranger  in the     I am,  o LORD, a stranger here beneath.
  earth:    hide   not    thy     Let me, on  my journey, not be  lacking
  commandments from me.           of Thy commandments.
  20 My soul breaketh for the     For  my   soul,  being  surrounded   by
  longing that  it hath  unto     darknesses,    is    often    collapsed
  thy judgments at all times.     because  of longing.  It longed  to see
                                  Thou treading to  the court of  law, to
                                  the    punishment    of    them,    who
                                  nefariously have deviated.
  21  Thou  hast  rebuked the     Thou  fulminates  against  the   cursed
  proud   that  are   cursed,     pride, and  punishes it. The  proud are
  which  do   err  from   thy     wont   to  err   far   away  from   Thy
  commandments.                   commandments.
  22 Remove from  me reproach     May  Thy favour  deliver  my soul  from
  and  contempt;  for  I have     slander,    which    would   despicably
  kept thy testimonies.           descend  on  my  head;  for  I dedicate
                                  myself  to  Thy service,  according  to
                                  Thy testimonies, in order that  I never
                                  bring Thy punishment on myself.
  23 Princes also did sit and     When   I  even   was  accused   by  the
  speak against  me: but  thy     monarchs,  who,  sitting  in  the  high
  servant did meditate in thy     thrones,  hated  Thy  servant,  I  have
  statutes.                       even  then  conformed  my ways  to  Thy
  24 Thy testimonies also are     I  have  done Thy  testimonies  with an
  my    delight     and    my     upright   conscience.   They  were   my
  counsellors.                    counsellors  and  my  delight.  I  have
                                  spent my time therein, with amusement.
  3. New Testament, Hebrews 10:19-39, part 3 (final)
  The  apostle here begins the second part of the letter to the Hebrews. In
  the first part,  he wrote  about the  excellence of the  Persons and  the
  offices of Christ,  using a very godly  style. This second part  contains
  the incentives to the  due obligation of the believers, namely  the faith
  and the christian conversation.
  In the rest of this tenth chapter, he urges them to
  - boldness in the belief (19-22),
  - firmness in the confession (23-31),
  - patience in the oppression (32-39).
  The previous time, we came to verse 34, which will be repeated now.
     34 For  ye had compassion  of me  in my bonds,  and took joyfully  the
     spoiling of your goods, knowing in yourselves that ye have in heaven a
     better and an enduring substance.
  Also  in  this verse,  we  see two  sorts  of afflictions,  namely having
  compassion with  others,  and  own  sufferings. They  had,  though  being
  persecuted  themselves, compassion  of  the other  people  in  the bonds.
  Moreover, while  their  goods  were robbed,  they  joyfully  accepted  it
  instead  of  mourning  about  that,   as  the  world  does.  Those  early
  christians, however, took joyfully the  spoiling of their goods, for they
  knew  that they had  a better good  in heaven. Who not  believes that his
  better and  enduring substance  is in  heaven, he  will  cleave unto  his
  earthly goods. But  now, through the belief,  they were able to  bear all
  afflictions and robberies.  This all according to Jesus'  commandment and
  promise: "Blessed are ye,  when men shall revile you, and  persecute you,
  and shall  say  all manner  of evil  against  you falsely,  for my  sake.
  Rejoice, and  be exceeding glad: for great is  your reward in heaven: for
  so persecuted they  the prophets which  were before you."  (Matt.5:11,12)
  Also  the apostles  gave  this  good example:  "And  they (the  apostles)
  departed  from the  presence of  the  council, rejoicing  that  they were
  counted worthy to suffer shame for his (Jesus') name." (Acts 5:41)
     Reader, the  true belief  will loose  you from  your goods,  from your
  seeking of honour, from your pride, from your maintenance of yourself. On
  the other hand, it will give you, patience in the afflictions, hope on an
  enduring good in heaven, true faith in God and His Son to your salvation,
  firmness in the midst  of the enemies, love to your  brothers, compassion
  with the  persecuted and afflicted,  offering yourself to  the service of
  God,  and the  hope on eternal  life. Choose  then. Choose the  life, and
  forsake death,  so that you may live. Choose  life by believing in Christ
     35   Cast  not  away  therefore  your  confidence,  which  hath  great
     recompence of reward.
  This verse is thus connected with  the previous: "Call to remembrance the
  former days," (Heb.10:32), wherein you were illuminated, and have endured
  great  fights of afflictions.  You see, that  God has  helped you through
  these days. So, "cast  not away therefore your confidence". What  is this
  confidence?  It describes  the  boldness of  belief,  whereby  they could
  endure all afflictions. It is the hope on God, that He is faithful.
     Keeping  your confidence  "has  a great  recompence of  reward". Which
  reward? The  eternal life, in  grace, through Christ's  work. Not casting
  away  the  confidence  means  that men  keep  their  faith.  Who will  be
  steadfast, will receive the reward,  but who will apostate, loses it.  It
  is  well-known that the  reward is not  given after merit,  but in grace.
  This is  well-known, both  in the  Old  and New  Testament. "If  thou  be
  righteous, what  givest thou him?  or what  receiveth he of  thine hand?"
  (Job 35:7) "What hast thou that thou didst not receive? Now if thou didst
  receive it, why  dost thou glory, as  if thou hadst not  received it?" (1
     36 For ye have need of patience,  that, after ye have done the will of
     God, ye might receive the promise.
  Patience, that is  firmness, and patient expectancy  of the fulfilment of
  God's promise. Ye  need firm patience to  keep doing God's will  unto the
  end, and then you will receive  the promise. The promise is given  to the
  steadfast, who does  God's will.  When the apostle  says that you  "need"
  patience, then this means that you cannot be patient in own strength; you
  "need" it, namely of God.
     37 For  yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will
     not tarry.
  This verse is  a quotation from "For  the vision is yet  for an appointed
  time, but at  the end it shall speak, and not lie:  though it tarry, wait
  for it; because  it will surely come,  it will not tarry."  (Hab.2:3) The
  apostle says: Have yet a little while patience, endure yet a little while
  the afflictions. Keep your hope, for it will no more dure so long. "Yet a
  little while", and  God will come to  your salvation. He "will  come, and
  will not  tarry". He says  this to  encourage them.  It is  yet a  little
  while, and then you will be saved from your distress.
     He "will  not tarry". How  could this be said?  It is now  around 2000
  years later, and He has still not come. How could the apostle say that He
  "will not tarry".  2000 Years, isn't that tarrying?  Look also at another
  place, where Jesus said: "He  which testifieth these things saith, Surely
  I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."  (Rev.22:20) The answer
  will be  given us by  Peter. "But, beloved,  be not ignorant  of this one
  thing, that one day is with the Lord as  a thousand years, and a thousand
  years as one day. The  Lord is not slack concerning his promise,  as some
  men count  slackness; but is  longsuffering to us-ward,  not willing that
  any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." (2 Pet.3:8,9)
  There must  still some  come to repentance,  so Jesus  still cannot  come
  back. First, all the  chosen must be brought to repentance.  And when all
  chosen are gathered, then He will come. He that shall come will come, and
  will not tarry.
     38 Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul
     shall have no pleasure in him.
  The beginning of  this verse quotes "The  just shall live by  his faith."
  (Hab.2:4) The just lives by faith, not by works. The just lives by faith,
  to  be steadfast  even  in the  distress. The  just lives  by  faith, and
  pleases God  through his  faith.  The just  lives  by faith,  for  he  is
  righteous through his faith in Jesus Christ. The just lives by faith, and
  is counted righteous through his faith in Jesus. The just lives by faith,
  for  the faith is the hand,  by which he receives Christ's righteousness.
  The  just lives by faith, and will be kept at this faith by God. The just
  lives by faith, "but if any man draw back, My soul shall have no pleasure
  in him",  says God. If any  man draw back  from the faith,  then he would
  loose his righteousness, and thus be condemned as a sinner.
     39 But we are  not of them who draw  back unto perdition; but of  them
     that believe to the saving of the soul.
  With this verse, the apostle softens the previous  threat, namely that he
  did  not expect of them such a draw back from the faith, though he speaks
  so. The  drawing back leads  to perdition, for the  unbelief receives the
  perdition  as  a reward.  But  those, who  believe,  will be  saved; they
  "believe to the saving of the soul".
  We have  seen that the Hebrews, to whom  the apostle wrote, believed, and
  were saved through Jesus' blood.  They had boldness through that believe,
  to  confess it in  the public, before  their enemies. They  were cleansed
  through that belief. It is the same now. Who believes does  not fear, but
  is bold, even in the midst of the enemies. And even now, a true Christian
  will meet those distresses, as the Hebrews met.  It is a fight always, to
  keep the  faith, to  stay in  faith. They have  their eyes  of belief  on
  Christ,  their Author  and  Finisher  of their  faith,  like is  written,
  "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy
  that was set  before him endured the  cross, despising the shame,  and is
  set  down  at  the right  hand  of  the throne  of  God."  (Heb.12:2) The
  believers have need  in this earthly,  temporal life,  but they expect  a
  heavenly reward.  In the meantime, they do their  tasks on the earth, and
  fulfill their callings. But their hearts are  with Jesus, Who sits at the
  right hand of the throne of God. They "fear not them which kill the body,
  but are  not able to kill the soul."  (Matt.10:28) Maybe the enemies come
  up against them,  but they do not fear those.  Maybe they kill the bodies
  of  the believers,  as is done  during all  centuries, but that  does not
  matter. When their  body is killed, their  souls will be with  Jesus, the
  only  God.  Thus  seen, the  enemies  do  good, for  the  faster  are the
  believers with God Whom they love.
     At the other hand, the unbelievers have a dreadful future. They reject
  Christ's blood, and will therefore be rejected by God. The believers fear
  God in love, but the ungodly "fear Him which is able to destroy both soul
  and body in hell." (Matt.10:28).
     Therefore,  having seen  the two  ways,  reader, make  a good  choice.
  Choose  the life, that you may live.  Flee from the sins, which bring you
  to death. Believe in Christ Jesus, the promised  Messiah. He brings peace
  in your heart,  a peace which  the world does not  know. The world  says,
  while they not  see this peace, that the Messiah  still has to come. That
  is the  speaking of  the ungodly  and the  unbelievers. They expect  some
  messiah,  which  they  have  invented  by  themselves. But  we,  who  are
  believers, know that Jesus is the promised  Messiah, for He brought peace
  in our  hearts, and He reconciled us with  God the Father. Therefore, "we
  are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to
  the saving of the soul." (Heb.10:39)
  4. Books
  John Owen, The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
  "It  is  safe  to  say that  no  comparable  exposition  of  the work  of
  redemption as  planned and executed by  the Triune Jehovah has  ever been
  done since Owen published this in 1648." - J.I.Packer
  ISBN 0 85151 382 4
  316 pp. Paperback.
  Price around $10,00.
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