Shorter Catechism, part 1/3
                            The Shorter Catechism
                            with scripture proofs
  Original complete title:
                            THE SHORTER CATECHISM,
                                agreed upon by
                           The Assembly of Divines
                               at Westminster,
                                   with the
                         Assistance of Commissioners
                                   from the
                             Church of Scotland,
              as a part of the covenanted uniformity in religion
                betwixt the churches of Christ in the kingdoms
                      of Scotland, England, and Ireland.
        And approved Anno 1648, by the General Assembly of the Church
            of Scotland, to be a Directory for catechising such as
                            are of weaker Capacity
                            with references to the
                          Proofs from the Scripture
  The Ministers  of  Westminster  left to  posterity  the  most  thoroughly
  thought-out   statement  ever  penned  of  the  elements  of  evangelical
  religion, and also  one which breathes the  finest flagrance of spiritual
  religion.  Their most  influential work,  "The Shorter  Catechism",   was
  intended as a teaching basis for an introduction to the Christian Faith.
     Questions and answers                    Scripture proofs
  Ql:  What is  the chief  end     (1) 1  Cor.10:31 Whether  therefore ye
  of man?                          eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do
                                   all to the glory of God.
  A:  Man's chief  end  is  to     (2) Ps.73:25 Whom have I in heaven but
  glorify   God,  (1)  and  to     thee? and  there is  none  upon  earth
  enjoy him for ever. (2)          that I desire beside thee.
  Q2:   What  rule   hath  God     (1) Eph.2:20  And are  built upon  the
  given  to direct  us how  we     foundation   of   the   apostles   and
  may glorify and enjoy him?       prophets, Jesus  Christ himself  being
                                   the chief corner stone.
  A:  The Word  of God,  which     2  Tim.3:16 All scripture is  given by
  is    contained    in    the     inspiration of  God, and is profitable
  Scriptures  of  the Old  and     for   doctrine,   for   reproof,   for
  New  Testaments, (l)  is the     correction,    for    instruction   in
  only rule  to direct us  how     righteousness.
  we  may  glorify  and  enjoy     (2)  1 Joh.1:3 That which we have seen
  him. (2)                         and heard declare we unto you, that ye
                                   also may have  fellowship with us: and
                                   truly  our   fellowship  is  with  the
                                   Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.
  Q3:  What do  the Scriptures     (1) 2 Tim.1:13  Hold fast the  form of
  principally teach?               sound words, which thou hast heard  of
                                   me,  in faith  and  love which  is  in
  A:      The       Scriptures     Christ Jesus.
  principally  teach what  man
  is  to  believe   concerning
  God,   and  what   duty  God
  requires of man. (1)
  Q4: What is God?                 (1) Joh.4:24 God is a Spirit: and they
                                   that  worship him must worship  him in
  A:  God  is  a  Spirit,  (1)     spirit and in truth.
  infinite,  (2)  eternal, (3)     (2) Job 11:7  Canst thou  by searching
  and  unchangeable,  (4)   in     find out God?  canst thou find out the
  his  being, (5)  wisdom, (6)     Almighty unto perfection?
  power,   (7)  holiness,  (8)     (3)   Ps.90:2   From   everlasting  to
  justice,    goodness,    and     everlasting, thou art God.
  truth. (9)                       (4)  Jam.1:17  The  Father of  lights,
                                   with whom  is no variableness, neither
                                   shadow of turning.
                                   (5) Exod.3:14 And God said unto Moses,
                                   I  AM THAT  I  AM: and  he said,  Thus
                                   shalt thou  say unto  the children  of
                                   Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.
                                   (6) Ps.147:5 Great is our Lord, and of
                                   great  power:  his   understanding  is
                                   (7) Rev.4:8 Holy, holy, holy, Lord God
                                   Almighty, which was, and is, and is to
                                   (8) Rev.15:4 Who shall  not fear thee,
                                   O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou
                                   only art holy.
                                   (9) Exod.34:6 And  the LORD  passed by
                                   before him,  and proclaimed, The LORD,
                                   The LORD  God, merciful  and gracious,
                                   longsuffering,   and    abundant    in
                                   goodness and  truth. V7: Keeping mercy
                                   for thousands, forgiving  iniquity and
                                   transgression and  sin, and  that will
                                   by no means clear the guilty.
  Q5:   Are  there  more  Gods     (1) Deut.6:4 Hear, O  Israel: The LORD
  than one?                        our God is one LORD.
                                   (2) Jer.10:10 But the LORD is the true
  A:  There is  but one  only,     God, he  is  the living  God,  and  an
  (1)   the  living  and  true     everlasting  king:  at  his wrath  the
  God. (2)                         earth shall  tremble, and  the nations
                                   shall  not  be   able  to   abide  his
  Q6:  How  many  persons  are     (1)  Matt.28:19 Go  ye  therefore, and
  there in the Godhead?            teach all  nations, baptizing  them in
                                   the  name of  the  Father, and  of the
  A:  There are  three persons     Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
  in  the Godhead; the father,     (2) 1 Joh.5:7 For there are three that
  the   Son,   and  the   Holy     bear record in heaven, the Father, the
  Ghost;  (1) and  these three     Word, and  the Holy  Ghost: and  these
  are  one God,  the  same  in     three are one.
  substance,  equal  in  power
  and glory. (2)
  Q7: What are the decrees  of     (1)   Eph.1:11   Being   predestinated
  God?                             according to  the purpose  of him  who
                                   worketh all  things after  the counsel
  A:  The decrees  of God  are     of his own will. V12: Eph.1:12 That we
  his     eternal     purpose,     should be to the praise of his glory.
  according  to the counsel of
  his  will, whereby,  for his
  own     glory,    he    hath
  foreordained      whatsoever
  comes to pass. (1)
  Q8:  How  doth  God  execute     (1)  Rev.4:11  Thou  hast created  all
  his decrees?                     things, and for  thy pleasure they are
                                   and were created.
  A:    God   executeth    his     (2) Dan.4:35  And all  the inhabitants
  decrees   in  the  works  of     of the  earth are  reputed as nothing:
  creation       (1)       and     and he doeth according to  his will in
  providence. (2)                  the  army of  heaven,  and  among  the
                                   inhabitants of the earth: and none can
                                   stay his  hand, or say  unto him, What
                                   doest thou?
  Q9:  What  is  the  work  of     (1)  Gen.1:1   In  the  beginning  God
  creation?                        created the heaven and the earth.
                                   (2)   Hebr.11:3   Through   faith   we
  A: The work of creation  is,     understand that the worlds were framed
  God's  making all  things of     by  the word  of God,  so  that things
  nothing, (1) by the word  of     which are seen were not made of things
  his power, (2) in the  space     which do appear.
  of  six days,  and all  very     (3)  Gen.1:31 And God saw  every thing
  good. (3)                        that he had made, and,  behold, it was
                                   very good.  And the  evening  and  the
                                   morning were the sixth day.
  Q10:   How  did  God  create     (1) Gen.1:27 So God created man in his
  man?                             own image, in the image of God created
                                   he  him; male  and  female  created he
  A: God created man male  and     them.
  female,   after   his    own     (2) Col.3:10  And have put  on the new
  image,  (1)  in   knowledge,     man,  which  is  renewed in  knowledge
  righteousness,           and     after the  image of  him that  created
  holiness, (2) with  dominion     him:
  over the creatures. (3)          Eph.4:24 And that  ye put  on the  new
                                   man, which  after God  is  created  in
                                   righteousness and true holiness.
                                   (3) Gen.1:28 And God blessed them, and
                                   God said unto  them, Be  fruitful, and
                                   multiply, and replenish the earth, and
                                   subdue it: and  have dominion over the
                                   fish  of the sea, and over the fowl of
                                   the  air, and over every  living thing
                                   that moveth upon the earth.
  Ql1:  What  are God's  works     (1) Ps.145:17 The LORD is righteous in
  of providence?                   all  his  ways, and  holy  in  all his
  A:     God's    works     of     (2) Isa.28:29  This also  cometh forth
  providence  are,  his   most     from  the  LORD  of  hosts,  which  is
  holy,   (1)  wise  (2),  and     wonderful in counsel, and excellent in
  powerful preserving (3)  and     working.
  governing      all       his     (3) Hebr.1:3  Upholding all  things by
  creatures,   and  all  their     the word of his power.
  actions. (4)                     (4) Ps.103:19  His kingdom ruleth over
                                   Matt.10:29 Are  not two  sparrows sold
                                   for a farthing? and one  of them shall
                                   not  fall on  the ground  without your
  Q12:  What  special  act  of     (1) Gal.3:12  And  the law  is not  of
  providence  did God exercise     faith: but,  The man  that doeth  them
  toward  man  in  the  estate     shall live in them.
  wherein he was created?          (2)  Gen.2:17 But of  the tree  of the
                                   knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt
  A:   When  God  had  created     not eat  of it:  for in  the day  that
  man,   he  entered   into  a     thou eatest  thereof thou shalt surely
  covenant  of life  with him,     die.
  upon  condition  of  perfect
  obedience;  (l)   forbidding
  him  to eat  of the  tree of
  the  knowledge  of good  and
  evil,   upon  the   pain  of
  death. (2)
  Q13:  Did our  first parents     (1)  Eccl.7:29 Lo,  this  only  have I
  continue   in   the   estate     found, that God hath made man upright;
  wherein they were created?       but   they   have   sought  out   many
  A:  Our first parents, being
  left   to  the   freedom  of
  their  own  will, fell  from
  the   estate   wherein  they
  were  created,  by   sinning
  against God. (1)
  Q14: What is sin?                (1) 1 Joh.3:4 Whosoever committeth sin
                                   transgresseth also the law: for sin is
  A:  Sin   is  any  want   of     the transgression of the law.
  conformity     unto,      or
  transgression  of,  the  law
  of God. (1)
  Q15:   What   was  the   sin     Gen.3:6  And when  the woman  saw that
  whereby  our  first  parents     the tree was good  for food, and  that
  fell    from   the    estate     it  was pleasant  to the  eyes,  and a
  wherein they were created?       tree  to be desired to  make one wise,
                                   she took of the fruit thereof, and did
  A:   The  sin   whereby  our     eat, and  gave also  unto her  husband
  first  parents fell from the     with her; and  he did eat. V7  And the
  estate   wherein  they  were     eyes of  them both  were  opened,  and
  created,  was  their  eating     they knew that they were naked. V8 And
  the forbidden fruit. (l)         Adam and his  wife hid themselves from
                                   the presence of  the LORD  God amongst
                                   the trees of the garden.
  Ql6:  Did  all mankind  fall     Gen.1:28 And God blessed them, and God
  in       Adam's        first     said  unto   them,  Be  fruitful,  and
  transgression?                   multiply,  and  replenish  the  earth.
                                   Gen.2:16  And the  LORD  God commanded
  A:  The covenant  being made     the man, saying, Of every tree  of the
  with   Adam,  not  only  for     garden thou mayest freely eat. V17 But
  himself,    but    for   his     of the  tree of the knowledge  of good
  posterity; (l) all  mankind,     and evil, thou  shalt not  eat of  it:
  descending   from   him   by     for  in  the   day  that  thou  eatest
  ordinary generation,  sinned     thereof thou shalt surely die.
  in him,  and fell with  him,     Rom.5:18   By  the   offence   of  one
  in his first  transgression.     judgment   came   upon   all  men   to
  (2)                              condemnation.
  Q17:  Into  what estate  did     (1)  Rom.5:12 By  one man  sin entered
  the fall bring mankind?          into  the world, and death by sin; and
                                   so death passed upon all men, for that
  A:  The fall brought mankind     all have sinned.
  into  an estate  of sin  and
  misery. (1)
  Q18:  Wherein  consists  the     (1) Rom.5:19 By one man's disobedience
  sinfulness  of  that  estate     many were made sinners.
  whereinto man fell?              (2) Rom.3:10  There is none righteous,
                                   no, not one.
  A:  The  sinfulness of  that     (3) Eph.2:1 You hath he quickened, who
  estate  whereinto man  fell,     were  dead  in  trespasses  and  sins.
  consists  in  the  guilt  of     Ps.51:5  Behold,   I  was   shapen  in
  Adam's  first  sin, (1)  the     iniquity;  and  in sin  did my  mother
  want       of       original     conceive me.
  righteousness,  (2)  and the     (4) Matt.15:19  For out  of the  heart
  corruption   of  his   whole     proceed   evil    thoughts,   murders,
  nature,  which  is  commonly     adulteries,    fornications,   thefts,
  called   Original  Sin;  (3)     false witness, blasphemies.  V20 These
  together  with  all   actual     are the things which defile a man.
  transgressions         which
  proceed from it. (4)
  Q19: What  is the misery  of     (1)  Gen.3:8  Adam  and  his wife  hid
  that  estate  whereinto  man     themselves  from the  presence  of the
  fell?                            LORD  God amongst  the  trees  of  the
                                   garden. V24 So he drove out the man.
  A:   All  mankind  by  their     (2) Eph.2:3  And were  by  nature  the
  fall  lost  communion   with     children  of  wrath,  even as  others.
  God,   (1)  are   under  his     Gal.3:10  Cursed  is  every  one  that
  wrath and curse, (2) and  so     continueth not in all things which are
  made  liable to all miseries     written in the  book of the law  to do
  in   this  life,   to  death     them.
  itself, and to the pains  of     (3)  Rom.6:23  The  wages  of  sin  is
  hell for ever. (3)               death.  Matt.25:41 Then  shall  he say
                                   also  unto  them  on  the  left  hand,
                                   Depart  from   me,  ye   cursed,  into
                                   everlasting  fire,  prepared  for  the
                                   devil and his angels.
  Q20:   Did  God   leave  all     (1)  Eph.1:4   According  as  he  hath
  mankind  to  perish  in  the     chosen us in him before the foundation
  estate of sin and misery?        of the world.
                                   (2) Rom.3:21 But now the righteousness
  A:  God having,  out of  his     of God without  the law is manifested,
  mere   good  pleasure,  from     being witnessed  by the  law  and  the
  all  eternity, elected  some     prophets. V22  Even the  righteousness
  to  everlasting  life,   (1)     of  God  which is  by  faith  of Jesus
  did  enter  into a  covenant     Christ unto all and upon all them that
  of  grace,  to deliver  them     believe.
  out  of the  estate  of  sin
  and  misery,  and  to  bring
  them   into  an   estate  of
  salvation  by  a   Redeemer.
  Q21: Who is the Redeemer  of     (1) 1  Tim.2:5 For  there is  one God,
  God's elect?                     and one mediator between  God and men,
                                   the man Christ Jesus.
  A:   The  only  Redeemer  of     (2)  Joh.1:14 And  the  Word  was made
  God's   elect  is  the  Lord     flesh, and dwelt among us.
  Jesus   Christ,   (1)   who,     (3) Rom.9:5 Whose are the fathers, and
  being  the  eternal  Son  of     of whom as concerning the flesh Christ
  God, became man, (2) and  so     came, who is over all, God blessed for
  was,  and continueth  to be,     ever. Amen.
  God and man in two  distinct     (4) Hebr.7:24 But this man, because he
  natures,   and  one  person,     continueth ever, hath  an unchangeable
  (3) for ever. (4)                priesthood.
  Q22:  How did  Christ, being     (1)  Hebr.2:14 Forasmuch  then  as the
  the Son of God, become man?      children  are partakers  of  flesh and
                                   blood, he  also himself  likewise took
  A: Christ,  the Son of  God,     part of the same.
  became  man,  by  taking  to     (2)  Matt.26:38  Then  saith  he  unto
  himself  a  true  body,  (1)     them, My  soul is exceeding sorrowful,
  and  a reasonable  soul, (2)     even unto death.
  being   conceived   by   the     (3) Luk.1:31  And, behold,  thou shalt
  power of the Holy Ghost,  in     conceive in thy  womb, and bring forth
  the   womb  of   the  Virgin     a son, and  shalt call his name JESUS.
  Mary, and  born of her,  (3)     V35. The  Holy Ghost  shall come  upon
  yet without sin. (4)             thee,  and the  power  of  the Highest
                                   shall overshadow thee.
                                   (4) Hebr.7:26 For such an high  priest
                                   became  us,  who  is  holy,  harmless,
                                   undefiled, separate from sinners.
  Q23:   What   offices   doth     (1) Act.3:22 Moses truly said unto the
  Christ    execute   as   our     fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your
  Redeemer?                        God  raise   up  unto   you  of   your
                                   brethren, like  unto me;  him shall ye
  A:  Christ, as our Redeemer,     hear in all things whatsoever he shall
  executeth  the offices  of a     say unto you.
  prophet,  (1)  of a  priest,     (2)  Hebr.5:6 Thou  art  a  priest for
  (2)  and of a king, (3) both     ever after the order of Melchisedec.
  in     his     estate     of     (3) Ps.2:6 Yet have I set my king upon
  humiliation and exaltation.      my holy hill of Zion.
  Q24:    How   doth    Christ     (1) Joh.1:18 No  man hath seen God  at
  execute   the  office  of  a     any time; the only begotten Son, which
  prophet?                         is in the bosom of the Father, he hath
                                   declared him.
  A:   Christ  executeth   the     (2) Joh.20:31  But these  are written,
  office   of  a   prophet  in     that ye  might believe  that Jesus  is
  revealing to us, (l) by  his     the Christ, the  Son of God;  and that
  word  (2)  and  Spirit,  (3)     believing ye  might have  life through
  the  will  of  God  for  our     his name.
  salvation.                       (3) Joh.14:26 But the Comforter, which
                                   is  the Holy  Ghost,  whom  the Father
                                   will send  in my name,  he shall teach
                                   you all things.
  Q25:    How    doth   Christ     (1) Hebr.9:28  Christ was once offered
  execute   the  office  of  a     to bear the sins of many.
  priest?                          (2) Hebr.2:17 In all things it behoved
                                   him to be made like unto his brethren,
  A:   Christ  executeth   the     that  he  might  be  a  merciful   and
  office of  a priest, in  his     faithful   high   priest   in   things
  once  offering up of himself     pertaining    to    God,    to    make
  a   sacrifice   to   satisfy     reconciliation  for  the  sins of  the
  divine   justice,  (1)   and     people.
  reconcile  us  to  God;  (2)     (3) Hebr.7:25 He  is able also to save
  and   in  making   continual     them  to the uttermost that  come unto
  intercession for us. (3)         God by  him, seeing he  ever liveth to
                                   make intercession for them.
  Q26:    How   doth    Christ     (1)  Ps.110:3   Thy  people  shall  be
  execute   the  office  of  a     willing in the day of thy power.
  king?                            (2)  Isa.33:22 The LORD is  our judge,
                                   the LORD is our lawgiver, the  LORD is
  A:   Christ   executeth  the     our king; he will save us.
  office   of   a   king,   in     (3)  1  Cor.15:25 For  he must  reign,
  subduing  us to himself, (1)     till he hath put all enemies under his
  in  ruling and defending us,     feet.
  (2)  and in  restraining and
  conquering  all his  and our
  enemies. (3)
  Q27:  Wherein  did  Christ's     (1) Luk.2:7 And  she brought forth her
  humiliation consist?             firstborn  son,  and  wrapped  him  in
                                   swaddling  clothes, and laid him  in a
  A:   Christ's    humiliation     manger.
  consisted   in   his   being     (2) Gal.4:4  God sent  forth his  Son,
  born,  and  that  in  a  low     made of a woman, made under the law.
  condition,  (1)  made  under     (3)  Isa.53:3   He  is   despised  and
  the  law, (2) undergoing the     rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and
  miseries  of this  life, (3)     acquainted with grief.
  the  wrath of  God, (4)  and     (4)  Matt.27:46  And  about the  ninth
  the   cursed  death  of  the     hour Jesus  cried with  a loud  voice,
  cross;  (5) in being buried,     saying, My God! my  God! why hast thou
  and  continuing  under   the     forsaken me?
  power of  death for a  time.     (5) Philip.2:8 He humbled himself, and
  (6)                              became obedient  unto death,  even the
                                   death of the cross.
                                   (6) Matt.12:40 As Jonas was three days
                                   and three nights in the whale's belly;
                                   so  shall the Son of man be three days
                                   and three nights  in the heart of  the
                                   (1) 1 Cor.15:4 And that he was buried,
  Q28:   Wherein    consisteth     and that  he rose again  the third day
  Christ's exaltation?             according to the scriptures:
                                   (2) Mar.16:19 So  then after  the Lord
  A:    Christ's    exaltation     had spoken unto them, he was  received
  consisteth  in  his   rising     up into heaven, and  sat on the  right
  again from  the dead on  the     hand of God.
  third  day, (1) in ascending     (3) Act.17:31 He hath appointed a day,
  up  into heaven,  in sitting     in the  which he will  judge the world
  at  the right  hand  of  God     in righteousness by  that man  whom he
  the   Father,  (2)   and  in     hath ordained;  whereof he  hath given
  coming  to  judge the  world     assurance  unto all  men,  in  that he
  at the last day. (3)             hath raised him from the dead.
  Q29:   How   are   we   made     (1) Joh.1:12 As  many as received him,
  partakers  of the redemption     to them  gave he  power to  become the
  purchased by Christ?             sons of God.
                                   (2)   Tit.3:5    Not   by   works   of
  A: We are made partakers  of     righteousness which  we have done, but
  the redemption purchased  by     according to his mercy he saved us, by
  Christ,  by  the   effectual     the  washing   of  regeneration,   and
  application of it to us  (1)     renewing of the  Holy Ghost.  V6 Which
  by his Holy Spirit. (2)          he shed on us abundantly through Jesus
                                   Christ our Saviour.
  Q30:  How  doth  the  Spirit     (1)  Eph.2:8 By  grace  are  ye  saved
  apply  to us  the redemption     through   faith;  and   that   not  of
  purchased by Christ?             yourselves: it is the gift of God.
                                   (2) Eph.3:17 That Christ may dwell  in
  A:  The  Spirit applieth  to     your hearts by faith, &c.
  us  the redemption purchased     1 Cor.1:9 God is faithful, by whom  ye
  by  Christ, by working faith     were called unto the fellowship of his
  in   us,  (1)   and  thereby     Son Jesus Christ.
  uniting us to Christ in  our
  effectual ca11ing. (2)
  Q31:   What   is   effectual     (1) 2  Tim.1:9 Who hath  saved us, and
  calling?                         called us with an holy calling.
                                   (2) Act.2:37 Now when they heard this,
  A:  Effectual calling is the     they were pricked in  their heart, and
  work  of  God's Spirit,  (1)     said unto Peter and to the rest of the
  whereby,  convincing  us  of     apostles, Men and brethren, what shall
  our   sin  and  misery,  (2)     we do?
  enlightening  our  minds  in     (3) Act.26:18 To open their eyes,  and
  the  knowledge  of   Christ,     to turn  them from  darkness to light,
  (3)  and renewing our wills,     and from the power of Satan unto God.
  (4)  he  doth  persuade  and     (4) Ezek.36:26  I will  take away  the
  enable  us to  embrace Jesus     stony heart out of  your flesh, and  I
  Christ,  freely  offered  to     will give you an heart of flesh.
  us in the gospel. (5)            (5) Joh.6:44  No man can  come to  me,
                                   except the  Father which  hath sent me
                                   draw him. V45 Every man therefore that
                                   hath heard,  and hath  learned of  the
                                   Father, cometh unto me.
                                   (1)  Rom.8:30  Moreover  whom  he  did
  Q32:  What benefits  do they     predestinate, them he also called: and
  that  are effectually called     whom   he   called,   them   he   also
  partake of in this life?         justified: and whom he justified, them
                                   he also glorified.
  A:     They     that     are     (2)  Eph.1:5  Having  predestinated us
  effectually  called  do   in     unto the adoption of children by Jesus
  this    life   partake    of     Christ to himself.
  justification,           (1)     (3)  1 Cor.1:30 But  of him are  ye in
  adoption,      (2)       and     Christ Jesus, who of God  is made unto
  sanctification,   and    the     us  wisdom,  and   righteousness,  and
  several  benefits  which  in     sanctification, and redemption.
  this    life    do    either
  accompany   or   flow   from
  them. (3)
  Q33: What is justification?      (1) Eph.1:7 In whom we have redemption
                                   through his  blood, the forgiveness of
  A:  Justification is  an act     sins,  according to the riches  of his
  of    God's   free    grace,     grace.
  wherein   he  pardoneth  all     (2) 2 Cor.5:21 For he hath made him to
  our  sins, (1) and accepteth     be sin for  us, who knew no  sin; that
  us   as  righteous   in  his     we might be  made the righteousness of
  sight,   (2)  only  for  the     God in him.
  righteousness   of    Christ     (3)  Rom.5:19  For  as  by  one  man's
  imputed   to  us,   (3)  and     disobedience many  were made  sinners,
  received   by  faith  alone.     so by the  obedience of one shall many
  (4)                              be made righteous.
                                   (4) Gal.2:16 Knowing that a man is not
                                   justified by the works of the law, but
                                   by the faith of Jesus  Christ, even we
                                   have believed in Jesus Christ, that we
                                   might be  justified by  the  faith  of
  Q34: What is adoption?           (1) 1 Joh.3:1  Behold, what  manner of
                                   love the Father hath bestowed upon us,
  A:  Adoption is  an  act  of     that we should be  called the sons  of
  God's    free   grace,   (1)     God!
  whereby   we  are   received     (2)  Joh.1:12 But as many  as received
  into the number, and have  a     him, to  them gave he  power to become
  right  to all the privileges     the sons  of  God, even  to them  that
  of the sons of God. (2)          believe on his name.
                                   Rom.8:17 And  if children, then heirs;
                                   heirs  of  God,  and joint-heirs  with
  Q 3 5 :     W h a t      i s     (1) 2  Thess.2:13 God  hath  from  the
  sanctification?                  beginning  chosen  you   to  salvation
                                   through sanctification of the Spirit.
  A:   Sanctification  is  the     (2) Eph.4:24  And that  ye put on  the
  work  of  God's free  grace,     new man, which after God is created in
  (1)  whereby we  are renewed     righteousness and true holiness.
  in the  whole man after  the     (3) Rom.8:1 There is  therefore now no
  image  of God,  (2) and  are     condemnation  to  them  which  are  in
  enabled  more  and  more  to     Christ Jesus,  who walk  not after the
  die unto sin, and live  unto     flesh, but after the Spirit.
  righteousness. (3)
  Q36:  What arc  the benefits     (1) Rom.5:1 Therefore  being justified
  which   in   this  life   do     by  faith,  we  have  peace  with  God
  accompany   or   flow   from     through our  Lord Jesus  Christ. V2 By
  justification,     adoption,     whom also we have access by faith into
  and sanctification?              this  grace   wherein  we  stand,  and
                                   rejoice in  hope of the  glory of God.
  A:  The  benefits  which  in     V5  And   hope  maketh   not  ashamed;
  this  life  do accompany  or     because the love of God is shed abroad
  flow   from   justification,     in  our hearts by the Holy Ghost which
  a d o p t i o n ,      a n d     is given unto us.
  sanctification,         are,     (2) Prov.4:18 The  path of the just is
  assurance  of  God's   love,     as  the  shining  light, that  shineth
  peace  of conscience, joy in     more and more unto the perfect day.
  the    Holy    Ghost,    (1)     (3)  1  Joh.5:13 These  things have  I
  increase  of grace,  (2) and     written unto  you that  believe on the
  perseverance  therein to the     name  of the Son  of God; that  ye may
  end. (3)                         know that ye have eternal life.
  Q37:    What   benefits   do     (1) Hebr.12:23 And  to the  spirits of
  believers    receive    from     just men made perfect.
  Christ at death?                 (2)  Philip.1:23  Having  a desire  to
                                   depart, and to be with Christ.
  A:  The  souls of  believers     (3) 1 Thess.4:14 Them also which sleep
  are   at  their  death  made     in Jesus will God bring with him.
  perfect   in  holiness,  (1)     (4)  Isa.57:2   He  shall  enter  into
  and   do  immediately   pass     peace: they shall rest in their  beds,
  into  glory;  (2) and  their     each one walking in his uprightness.
  bodies,  being  still united     (5) Job 19:26 And though after my skin
  to  Christ, (3)  do rest  in     worms  destroy  this body,  yet in  my
  their  graves  (4) till  the     flesh shall I see God.
  resurrection. (5)
  Q38:   What   benefits    do     (1)   1  Cor.15:43   It  is   sown  in
  believers    receive    from     dishonour; it is raised in glory.
  Christ at the resurrection?      (2)  Matt.10:32   Whosoever  therefore
                                   shall confess me  before men, him will
  A:   At   the  resurrection,     I confess also before  my Father which
  believers  being  raised  up     is in heaven.
  in   glory,  (1)   shall  be     (3) 1 Joh.3:2 When he shall appear, we
  openly   acknowledged    and     shall be  like him; for  we shall  see
  acquitted   in  the  day  of     him as he is.
  judgment,   (2)   and   made     (4) 1 Thess.4:17 And so shall we  ever
  perfectly   blessed  in  the     be with the Lord.
  full enjoying of God (3)  to
  all eternity. (4)

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