Shorter Catechism, part 3/3
     Questions and answers                    Scripture proofs
  Q85:  What doth  God require     (1) Act.20:21  Testifying both  to the
  of  us, that  we may  escape     Jews,   and   also   to  the   Greeks,
  his wrath  and curse due  to     repentance  toward   God,  and   faith
  us for sin?                      toward our Lord Jesus Christ.
                                   (2)  Prov.2:1  My  son,  if thou  wilt
  A: To  escape the wrath  and     receive   my   words,   and  hide   my
  curse of God  due to  us for     commandments  with  thee;  V2 So  that
  sin,  God  requireth  of  us     thou  incline thine  ear  unto wisdom,
  faith   in   Jesus   Christ,     and    apply     thine    heart     to
  repentance  unto  life,  (1)     understanding; V3  Yea, if thou criest
  with  the  diligent  use  of     after  knowledge, and  liftest  up thy
  all    the   outward   means     voice  for understanding;  V4  If thou
  w h e r e b y    C h r i s t     seekest her  as silver,  and searchest
  communicateth   to  us   the     for her as for hid  treasures; V5 Then
  benefits of redemption. (2)      shalt thou understand the  fear of the
                                   LORD, and find the knowledge of God.
  Q86: What is faith in  Jesus     (1) Hebr.10:39 We are not of them  who
  Christ?                          draw back unto perdition; but of  them
                                   that  believe  to  the  saving of  the
  A: Faith in Jesus Christ  is     soul.
  a  saving grace, (1) whereby     (2) Joh.1:12 As many as received  him,
  we   receive  (2)  and  rest     to them  gave he power  to become  the
  upon     him    alone    for     sons of God, even to them that believe
  salvation,   (3)  as  he  is     on his name.
  offered   to   us   in   the     (3)  Philip.3:9 And  be found  in him,
  gospel. (4)                      not  having  mine  own  righteousness,
                                   which is of the law, but that which is
                                   through  the   faith  of  Christ,  the
                                   righteousness  which   is  of  God  by
                                   (4)  Isa.33:22  For  the  LORD is  our
                                   judge, the LORD  is our  lawgiver, the
                                   LORD is our king; he will save us.
  Q87:   What   is  repentance     1) Act.11:18 Then hath God also to the
  unto life?                       Gentiles granted repentance unto life.
  A:  Repentance unto  life is     (2)  Act.2:37  When  they heard  this,
  a  saving grace, (1) whereby     they were pricked in  their heart, and
  a  sinner,  out  of  a  true     said unto Peter and to the rest of the
  sense  of his  sin, (2)  and     apostles, Men and brethren, what shall
  apprehension  of  the  mercy     we do?
  of God in Christ, (3)  doth,     (3) Joel 2:13 Rend your heart, and not
  with  grief  and  hatred  of     your garments, and  turn unto the LORD
  his sin,  turn from it  unto     your  God:  for  he  is  gracious  and
  God,  (4) with  full purpose     merciful, slow to anger, and of  great
  of,  and  endeavour   after,     kindness,  and  repenteth  him of  the
  new obedience. (5)               evil.
                                   (4)  Jer.31:18 Turn  thou  me,  and  I
                                   shall be turned; for thou art the LORD
                                   my God.  V19 Surely  after that I  was
                                   turned,  I repented; and after  that I
                                   was instructed, I smote upon my thigh:
                                   I was  ashamed, yea,  even confounded,
                                   because I did  bear the reproach of my
                                   (5) Ps.119:59  I thought  on my  ways,
                                   and   turned    my   feet   unto   thy
  Q88:  What  are the  outward     (1)  Act.2:41  Then  they that  gladly
  means     whereby     Christ     received his  word were  baptized. V42
  communicateth   to   us  the     And they  continued steadfastly in the
  benefits of redemption?          apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and
                                   in breaking of bread, and in prayers.
  A:  The outward and ordinary
  means     whereby     Christ
  communicateth   to  us   the
  benefits  of redemption, are
  his  ordinances,  especially
  the  Word,  sacraments,  and
  prayer;  (l)  all which  are
  made  effectual to the elect
  for salvation.
  Q89:  How is  the Word  made     (1)  Ps.19:7 The  law of  the  LORD is
  effectual to salvation?          perfect,  converting  the   soul:  the
                                   testimony of the LORD  is sure, making
  A: The Spirit of God  maketh     wise the simple.
  the reading, but  especially     (2)   1   Thess.1:6   And  ye   became
  the  preaching of  the Word,     followers  of  us,  and  of  the Lord,
  an   effectual   means    of     having  received   the  word  in  much
  convincing  and   converting     affliction,  with   joy  of  the  Holy
  sinners,    (1)    and    of     Ghost.
  building    them    up    in     (3) Rom.1:16 For  I am not  ashamed of
  holiness  and  comfort,  (2)     the gospel  of Christ:  for it is  the
  through     faith,      unto     power of God  unto salvation  to every
  salvation. (3)                   one that believeth.
  Q90:  How is  the Word to be     (1) Prov.8:34 Blessed is  the man that
  read and heard, that it  may     heareth  me,   watching  daily  at  my
  become     effectual      to     gates,  waiting  at  the  posts of  my
  salvation?                       doors.
                                   (2) 1  Pet.2:1 Wherefore  laying aside
  A: That the Word may  become     all   malice,  and   all   guile,  and
  effectual  to  salvation, we     hypocrisies, and  envies, and all evil
  must  attend thereunto  with     speakings. V2 As newborn babes, desire
  diligence, (1)  preparation,     the sincere milk of the word, that  ye
  (2)  and prayer; (3) receive     may grow thereby.
  it  with  faiths  and  love,     (3)  Ps.119:18  Open  thou mine  eyes,
  (5)   lay  it   up  in   our     that I may  behold wondrous things out
  hearts,  (6) and practice it     of thy law.
  in our lives. (7)                (4) Hebr.4:2 The word preached did not
                                   profit  them,  not  being  mixed  with
                                   faith in them that heard it.
                                   (5) 2 Thess.2:10 They received not the
                                   love of the  truth, that they might be
                                   (6) Ps.119:11 Thy  word have I  hid in
                                   mine  heart,  that  I  might  not  sin
                                   against thee.
                                   (7)  Jam.1:25 But  whoso  looketh into
                                   the  perfect   law  of   liberty,  and
                                   continueth  therein,  he  being not  a
                                   forgetful hearer,  but a  doer of  the
                                   work, this man shall be blessed in his
  Q91:  How do  the sacraments     (1) 1  Cor.3:7 So  then neither  is he
  become  effectual  means  of     that  planteth any  thing,  neither he
  salvation?                       that watereth; but God that giveth the
  A.   The  sacraments  become     (2)1   Pet.3:21   The    like   figure
  effectual      mean       of     whereunto even  baptism doth  also now
  salvation,   not  from   any     save us (not the  putting away of  the
  virtue  in them,  or in  him     filth of the  flesh, but the answer of
  that  doth administer  them;     a good conscience toward God,) by  the
  (1)    but   only   by   the     resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  blessing  of Christ, and the
  working  of  his  Spirit  in
  them  that by  faith receive
  them. (2)
  Q92: What is a sacrament?        (1)  Gen.17:10  This  is my  covenant,
                                   which ye  shall keep,  between me  and
  A:  A sacrament  is an  holy     you and thy seed after thee; Every man
  ordinance   instituted    by     child among you shall be circumcised.
  Christ,     wherein,      by     (2) Rom.4:11 And he  received the sign
  sensible signs, Christ,  and     of   circumcision,  a   seal   of  the
  the   benefits  of  the  new     righteousness  of the  faith  which he
  covenant,  are  represented,     had yet being uncircumcised.
  (1)  sealed, and  applied to
  believers. (2)
  Q93:    Which    are     the     (1) Mar.16:16 He that believeth and is
  sacraments   of   the    New     baptized shall be saved.
  Testament?                       (2) 1 Cor.11:23 For I have received of
                                   the  Lord that which also  I delivered
  A:  The  sacraments  of  the     unto you, That the Lord Jesus the same
  New  Testament are, Baptism,     night in  which he  was betrayed  took
  (1)  and the  Lord's supper.     bread, &c.
  Q94: What is baptism?            (1)  Matt.28:19 Go  ye  therefore, and
                                   teach all  nations, baptizing  them in
  A:  Baptism is  a sacrament,     the  name of  the Father,  and  of the
  wherein  the  washing   with     Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
  water  in the  name  of  the     (2) Rom.6:3 Know ye  not, that so many
  Father, and of the Son,  and     of  us  as  were  baptized  into Jesus
  of the Holy Ghost, (1)  doth     Christ were baptized into his death?
  signify    and   seal    our     (3)  Rom.6:4 Therefore  we  are buried
  ingrafting  into Christ, and     with him by  baptism into  death: that
  partaking  of  the  benefits     like as Christ  was raised up from the
  of  the  covenant of  grace,     dead by the glory of the Father,  even
  (2)  and  our engagement  to     so we also  should walk in  newness of
  be the Lord's. (3)               life.
  Q95: To  whom is baptism  to     (1)  Act.2:41  Then  they that  gladly
  be administered?                 received his word were baptized.
  A:  Baptism  is  not  to  be     (2) Gen.17:7  And I  will establish my
  administered   to  any  that     covenant between me  and thee  and thy
  are   out  of   the  visible     seed after  thee in  their generations
  church,  till  they  profess     for an  everlasting covenant,  to be a
  their  faith in  Christ, and     God unto  thee, and to thy  seed after
  obedience  to  him; (l)  but     thee.  V10 This is my  covenant, which
  the infants  of such as  are     ye  shall keep, between me and you and
  members   of   the   visible     thy seed after  thee; Every  man child
  church  are to  be baptized.     among   you   shall   be  circumcised.
  (2)                              Act.2:38  Then Peter  said  unto them,
                                   Repent, and be  baptized every  one of
                                   you  in the  name of Jesus  Christ for
                                   the  remission of  sins, and  ye shall
                                   receive the  gift of  the Holy  Ghost.
                                   V39 For the promise  is unto you,  and
                                   to your children,  and to all that are
                                   afar off, even as many as the Lord our
                                   God shall call.
  Q96:   What  is  the  Lord's     (1) Luk.22:19 And  he took  bread, and
  supper?                          gave thanks,  and brake  it, and  gave
                                   unto  them, saying,  This  is  my body
  A:  The Lord's  supper is  a     which  is given  for you:  this  do in
  sacrament,    wherein,    by     remembrance of  me. V20  Likewise also
  giving  and receiving  bread     the cup after supper, saying, This cup
  and   wine,   according   to     is  the  new  testament  in  my blood,
  Christ's  appointment,   his     which is shed for you.
  death  is showed  forth; (1)     (2)  1 Cor.10:16  The cup  of blessing
  and   the  worthy  receivers     which  we   bless,  is   it  not   the
  are,  not  after a  corporal     communion of the blood of Christ?  The
  and  carnal mariner,  but by     bread which  we break, is  it not  the
  faith,   made  partakers  of     communion of the body of Christ?
  his  body  and  blood,  with
  all  his benefits,  to their
  spiritual  nourishment,  and
  growth in grace. (2)
  Q97:  What  is  required  to     (1) 1 Cor.11:28 But let a  man examine
  the  worthy receiving of the     himself, and  so let  him eat  of that
  Lord's supper?                   bread, and drink of that cup. V29  For
                                   he    that    eateth    and   drinketh
  A:  It is  required of  them     unworthily,   eateth    and   drinketh
  that would worthily  partake     damnation to  himself, not  discerning
  of  the  Lord's,  that  they     the Lord's body.
  examine themselves of  their     (2)  2  Cor.13:5  Examine  yourselves,
  knowledge  to  discern   the     whether ye be in the faith.
  Lord's  body,  (1) of  their     (3) 1 Cor.11:31 For if we would  judge
  faith to feed upon him,  (2)     ourselves, we should not be judged.
  of  their  repentance,   (3)     (4) 1 Cor.11:18  When ye come together
  love,     (4)     and    new     in  the church, I  hear that  there be
  obedience; (5) lest,  coming     divisions among you. V20 When ye  come
  unworthily,  they  eat   and     together  therefore  into  one  place,
  drink      judgment       to     this is not to eat the Lord's supper.
  themselves. (6)                  (5) 1  Cor.5:8 Therefore  let us  keep
                                   the  feast,   not  with   old  leaven,
                                   neither with the leaven  of malice and
                                   wickedness;  but  with  the unleavened
                                   bread of sincerity and truth.
                                   (6)  1  Cor.11:27  Wherefore whosoever
                                   shall  eat this bread, and  drink this
                                   cup of the  Lord, unworthily, shall be
                                   guilty of the  body and  blood of  the
  Q98: What is prayer?             (1) Ps.62:8 Trust in him at all times;
                                   ye people, pour out your heart  before
  A: Prayer is an offering  up     him: God is a refuge for us.
  of our desires unto God  (1)     (2) Rom.8:27 And he that searcheth the
  for  things agreeable to his     hearts knoweth what is the mind of the
  will,  (2) in  the  name  of     Spirit, because he maketh intercession
  Christ,  (3) with confession     for the saints  according to  the will
  of   our   sins,   (4)   and     of God.
  thankful  acknowledgment  of     (3) Joh.16:23  Whatsoever ye shall ask
  his mercies. (5)                 the Father in my name, he will give it
                                   (4) Dan.9:4 And I prayed unto the LORD
                                   my God, and made my confession.
                                   (5) Philip.4:6 Be careful for nothing;
                                   but  in  every  thing  by  prayer  and
                                   supplication  with  thanksgiving   let
                                   your requests be made known unto God.
  Q99:   What  rule  hath  God     (1)  1  Joh.5:14   And  this   is  the
  given  for our  direction in     confidence that we have in him,  that,
  prayer?                          if we  ask any thing according  to his
                                   will, he heareth us.
  A: The whole  Word of God is     (2)   Matt.6:9   After   this   manner
  of  use  to  direct  us   in     therefore  pray ye:  Our  Father which
  prayer;  (1) but the special     art in heaven,  Hallowed be  thy name,
  rule  of  direction is  that     &c.
  form  of prayer which Christ
  taught    his     disciples,
  commonly  called "The  Lords
  Prayer". (2)
  Q100:  What doth the preface     (1) Isa.64:9 Be not wroth very sore, O
  of  the Lord's  prayer teach     LORD,  neither  remember  iniquity for
  us?                              ever: behold, see, we beseech thee, we
                                   are all thy people.
  A:   The   preface  of   the     (2) Luk.11:13 If  ye then, being evil,
  Lord's  prayer,  [which  is,     know  how to give good gifts unto your
  "Our  Father  which  art  in     children:  how  much  more shall  your
  heaven",]  teacheth  us   to     heavenly Father  give the  Holy Spirit
  draw  near to  God with  all     to them that ask him?
  holy      reverence      and     (3) Rom.8:15 For ye have not  received
  confidence, (1) as  children     the spirit  of bondage  again to fear;
  to  a father,  (2) able  and     but ye  have received  the  Spirit  of
  ready  to help  us; (3)  and     adoption,   whereby   we   cry,  Abba,
  that  we  should  pray  with     Father.
  and for others. (4)              (4) Eph.6:18  Praying always  with all
                                   prayer and supplication in the Spirit,
                                   and   watching   thereunto   with  all
                                   perseverance and supplication  for all
  Q101:  What do  we pray  for     (1) Ps.67:1 God  be merciful  unto us,
  in the first petition?           and bless  us; and  cause his  face to
                                   shine  upon us. V2 That thy way may be
  A:  In  the first  petition,     known  upon earth,  thy  saving health
  [which  is, "Hallowed be thy     among  all nations. V3 Let  the people
  name",]  we  pray, That  God     praise thee, O God; let all the people
  would  enable us  and others     praise thee.
  to glorify  him in all  that     (2) Rom.11:36 For of him, and  through
  whereby  he  maketh  himself     him, and  to him,  are all  things: to
  known;   (l)  and   that  he     whom be glory for ever. Amen.
  would  dispose all things to
  his own glory. (2)
  Q102:  What do  we pray  for     (1)  Ps.68:1  Let God  arise, let  his
  in the second petition?          enemies  be scattered:  let  them also
                                   that hate him flee before him.
  A:  In the  second petition,     (2)  Ps.51:18  Do  good  in  thy  good
  [which   is,  "Thy   kingdom     pleasure  unto  Zion:  build thou  the
  come",]    we   pray,   That     walls of Jerusalem.
  Satan's   kingdom   may   be     (3)  2  Thess.3:1  Finally,  brethren,
  destroyed;  (1) and that the     pray for us, that the word of the Lord
  kingdom   of  grace  may  be     may   have   free   course,   and   be
  advanced, (2) ourselves  and     glorified,  even  as it  is with  you.
  others   brought  into   it,     Rom.10:1 Brethren,  my heart's  desire
  kept  in it;  (3)  and  that     and prayer to God for  Israel is, that
  the kingdom of glory may  be     they might be saved.
  hastened. (4)                    (4)  Rev.22:20  He   which  testifieth
                                   these  things  saith,  Surely  I  come
                                   quickly.  Amen.  Even  so, come,  Lord
  Q103:  What do  we pray  for     (1) Ps.119:34  Give me  understanding,
  in the third petition?           and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall
                                   observe it  with my  whole heart.  V35
  A:  In  the third  petition,     Make  me  to  go  in the  path  of thy
  [which   is,  "Thy  will  be     commandments;   for   therein   do   I
  done  in earth,  as it is in     delight. V36 Incline my heart unto thy
  heaven",]   we  pray,   That     testimonies.
  God,  by  his  grace,  would     (2) Act.21:14 And when he would not be
  make us able and willing  to     persuaded, we ceased, saying, The will
  know,  obey, (1)  and submit     of the Lord be done.
  to his  will in all  things,     (3) Ps.103:20  Bless the  LORD, ye his
  (2)  as  the  angels  do  in     angels, that  excel in  strength, that
  heaven. (3)                      do his  commandments, hearkening  unto
                                   the voice of  his word. V22 Bless  the
                                   LORD, all his works  in all places  of
                                   his  dominion:  bless the  LORD, O  my
  Q104:  What do  we pray  for     (1)  Prov.30:8   Remove  far  from  me
  in the fourth petition?          vanity  and   lies:  give  me  neither
                                   poverty nor riches; feed  me with food
  A:  In the  fourth petition,     convenient for me.
  [which  is,  "Give  us  this     (2) Ps.90:17 And let the beauty of the
  day  our  daily bread",]  we     LORD our God be upon us: and establish
  pray,  That  of  God's  free     thou the  work of  our hands  upon us;
  gift   we   may  receive   a     yea, the  work of  our hands establish
  competent   portion  of  the     thou it.
  good  things  of this  life,
  (1)  and enjoy  his blessing
  with them. (2)
  Q105:  What do  we pray  for     (1) Ps.51:1 Have mercy upon me, O God,
  in the fifth petition?           according   to   thy   lovingkindness:
                                   according  unto the  multitude  of thy
  A:  In  the fifth  petition,     tender    mercies    blot    out    my
  [which  is, "And  forgive us     transgressions.
  our  debts,  as  we  forgive     (2) Matt.6:14  For if  ye forgive  men
  our  debtors",] we pray That     their trespasses, your heavenly Father
  God,   for   Christ's  sake,     will also forgive you.
  would  freely pardon all our
  sins; (1)  which we are  the
  rather  encouraged  to  ask,
  because by his grace we  are
  enabled  from  the heart  to
  forgive others. (2)
  Q106:  What to  we pray  for     1) Matt.26:41 Watch  and pray, that ye
  in the sixth petition?           enter  not  into  temptation. Ps.19:13
                                   Keep  back   thy  servant   also  from
  A:  In  the sixth  petition,     presumptuous sins;  let them  not have
  [which is, "And lead us  not     dominion over me.
  into     temptation,     but     (2)  Ps.51:10 Create  in  me  a  clean
  deliver  us from  evil",] we     heart, O God; and renew a right spirit
  pray,  That God would either     within me. V12 Restore unto me the joy
  keep  us from  being tempted     of  thy salvation; and uphold  me with
  to sin,  (1) or support  and     thy free spirit.
  deliver   us  when   we  are
  tempted. (2)
  Q107:    What    doth    the     (1) Dan.9:18  We do  not  present  our
  conclusion  of  the   Lord's     supplications  before  thee   for  our
  prayer teach us?                 righteousnesses,  but  for  thy  great
                                   mercies. V19  O Lord,  hear;  O  Lord,
  A:  The  conclusion  of  the     forgive; O Lord, hearken and do; defer
  Lord's  prayer,  [which  is,     not, for thine own sake, O my God.
  "For  thine is  the kingdom,     (2) 1  Chron.29:11 Thine,  O LORD,  is
  and   the  power,   and  the     the greatness, and the power, and  the
  glory,  for  ever,   Amen."]     glory,  and   the  victory,   and  the
  teacheth  us,  to  take  our     majesty: for all that is in the heaven
  encouragement   in    prayer     and  in the  earth is  thine.  V13 Now
  from  God only,  (l) and  in     therefore, our God, we thank thee, and
  our  prayers to  praise him,     praise thy glorious name.
  ascribing  kingdom,   power,     (3)  Rev.22:20  Amen.  Even so,  come,
  and glory to him. (2)            Lord Jesus.
  And,  in  testimony  of  our
  desire,  and assurance to be
  heard, we say, Amen. (3)

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