ICLnet Bulletin Board System
Site Survey, October 17, 1994

URL: telnet://iclnet93.iclnet.org
Logon and Password, 1 hour time limit

This document outlines services for ICLnet's bulletin board system. ICLnet also supports an FTP site, now supported by an http server. Please check our Guide to Christian Resources on the Internet, Not Just Bibles, for more information about the FTP site. This is not an exhaustive document of services provided by ICLnet. We've provided a cursory view of the top two or three menu levels.

ICLnet's BBS supports communication amongst Christian educators and students. It provides a number of discussion areas and resources for discourse and support. ICLnet encourages students and faculty to become members.

Visitors are also welcomed. At the log-in prompt, type the word "visitor" at the login prompt.

Internet Access and ICLnet Services:


      archie          ping
      finger          telnet
      ftp             WAIS
      gopher          WWW
      hytelnet        Lynx
      usenet          e-mail