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ICLnet is honored to have made arrangements with author, MacKenzie Strickland who makes available his distinctive series, Sunday Snippets, to our friends in networking.

May we invite you to kick off your shoes, take a few moments from your busy day, and refresh with some of the most stirring moments that our Lord has given to man... a sweet smelling savor with which to please Him and to uplift us.

Sunday Snippets Ceases Distribution

We regret that MacKenzie is no longer able to distribute Sunday Snippets. Please read more information about this decision.

What are Sunday Snippets (tm)?

Sunday Snippets(tm) are an effort I began in 1994 and continued until 1998. Almost every week, I edited & published a short devotional work, essay, poem, hymn, quotation(s) that I felt would be readable to a general Christian audience./

I'm was not usually original, but I looked for traditional sources that might not have been commonly know among today's generation. Although I personally have strong convictions of Bible interpretation in the Reformed Faith, I sought to be transdenominational when it came to Sunday Snippets, often having chosen the best writings of Christians of diverse traditions.

Why Sunday Snippets? I believe the biblical mandate for me to do this is found in Ephes. 4:29 and Coloss. 3:16. I wanted to do a small part to encourage, educate, build up, establish & motivate a large number Christians (and other interested persons) of all levels of spiritual maturity. They are posted on several Christian newsgroups (see below). In addition, the FTP site "Not Just Bibles" (NJB) has added my Snippets to their available Web resources.

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    In Christ,
       *    G. MacKenzie Strickland      |   Theology, ethics, Joy,     *
       *  Halifax, New Scotland (N.S.)   |   Psalm singing, bagpipes,   *
       *        |   T.Wham games, fine apparel.*

     P.S. Thank you for praying for me as I sought appropriate, encouraging, 
     and theologically sound materials to use for Sunday Snippets.

P.P.S. Sunday Snippets may be freely copied (unmodified); If you enjoy one, please forward it to at least two e-mail friends.

"One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple."

- Psalm 27:4

Sunday Snippets

Logo Sunday Snippets 1998:

Please Note: Sunday Snippets Ceases Distribution
    124 May 10 Rossetti A Better Resurrection, by Christina Rossetti (d. 1894)
    123 Apr.19 Lewis Thinking Comparatively is No Sure Guide (from The Problem of Pain, by C.S. Lewis)
    122 Mar.22 Rutherford The Letters of Samuel Rutherford (III)
    121 Mar.08 Law, Holy Bible How Much Religion? (William Law, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Titus 2:11-14)
    120 Mar.01 Holy Bible By Grace Alone (Romans 5:20, 11:6, Ephesians 2:8-9, Psalm 36:6b-7)
    119 Feb.19 Emmons All Happenings Come From God (Nathaniel Emmons, Holy Bible).
    118 Feb.01 Monro Why Believers Believe (Claxton Monro, Luke 24:45).
    117 Jan.11 Calvin What Does Freedom mean to a Christian?

Logo Sunday Snippets 1997:

    116 Dec. 21 Lewis The (Im)probability of the Incarnation", (from Miracles, by C.S. Lewis)
    115 Dec. 14 Augustine The Existence of Evil Does Not Defeat the Good Will of God", (from The Enchiridion, by Augustine)
    114 Nov. 30 Lewis What's the Purpose of Prayer? (from "The Efficacy of Prayer", by C. S. Lewis)
    113 Nov. 23 Spurgeon Hid in the Rock: An encouraging message to believers from the pen of C.H. Spurgeon
    112 Nov. 3 Brooks Seeking God, Finding Christ, by John Calvin; Excerpt from The Law of Growth, by Phillips Brooks
    111 Oct. 19 Holy Bible A Short Psalm of Trust (Psalm 131, Lamsa's Translation)
    109 Sep. 28 Spurgeon Gather Not my Soul, by Charles H. Spurgeon
    108 Sep. 21 Knox The Daily Exercise of God's Most Holy and Sacred Word, by John Knox
    107 Sep. 14 Holy Bible The Christian's Life Among Others, by Martin Luther (1483-1546); Phillippians 2: 4-5, Ephesians 4:28, tev
    106 Sep. 07 de Sales The Christian's Response to Depression (from Introduction to the Devout Life), by Francois de Sales (d.1622), Bishop of Geneva
    105 Aug. 31 Cullom I Heard the Word (A Poem by Bruce Cullom)
    104 Aug. 10 Pascal Pascal's Testimony (Blaise Pascal)
    103 Aug. 3 Basil the Great Fixing One's Sight (Basil the Great)
    102 Jul. 13 Christ Troubles
    101 Jun. 29 Law Prayer and it's Blessing by William Law (from A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
    100 Jun. 8    Christians of the Early Church (from The Letter to Diognetus)
    99 May. 11 Holy Bible A Gentle Demeanor Ephesians 4:29-32
    98 Apr. 27 Wesley The Snare is Broke, by Charles Wesley
    97 Apr. 13 Tozer Loving God Supremely, by A.W. Tozer
    96 Mar. 30 Holy Bible God Raised Him from the Dead (Acts 13:26-39, kjv)
    95 Mar. 23 Spurgeon Meditation on Luke 19:40 - 'Stones, and stones', by C.H. Spurgeon
    94 Mar. 16 Kempis Kempis' Secret of Contentment
    93 Mar. 09 St. Peter St. Peter on Salvation Through Faith
    92/91 Feb.23/16 Tozer On Prayer, by A.W. Tozer:
    90 Feb. 2 St. Paul The Believer's Hope: A Crown on That Day
    89 Jan. 26 Pink On God's Holiness, by Arthur W. Pink
    88/87 Jan. 12/5 Pink On the Faithfulness of Gud, by Arthur W. Pink:

Logo Sunday Snippets 1996:

    86 Dec.22 Calvin The Meaning of Christmas: How the Two Natures Constitute the Person of the Mediator, by John Calvin
    85 Dec.15 Pink On the Knowledge of God, by Arthur Pink
    84 Dec. 8 Pink On the Immutability of God, by Arthur Pink
    83 Dec. 1 Boston Useful Directions for Reading and Searching the Scriptures, by Thomas Boston (from the Fire & Ice Web Site)
    82 Nov.24 Owen & Smith On the Necessity of Forgiveness, by Rev. John Owen; On Impenitence, by Henry Smith
    81 Nov.10 Strickland Man's Religion - And God's
    80 Oct.27 Newton How Sweet the Name, by Rev. John Newton (1779)
    79 Oct.06 Bridges Charles Bridges on Proverbs 23:1-2
    78 Sep.22 Holy Bible Psalm 143: An Appeal for Deliverance and Guidance
    77 Sep. 8 Gurnall The Security of the Believer's Inheritance (William Gurnall)
    76 Aug.31 Holy Bible An Exhortation to Godliness
    75 Aug.18 Drelincourt, Smith, Adams Quotes on Heaven
    74 Aug.11 Book of Common Prayer A Prayer for Grace (The Book of Common Prayer
    73 Aug. 4 Holy Bible Habakkuk Chapter 3 (Selected Verses)
    72 Jul.28 Gerhardt Why Should the Cross and Trial Grieve Me?, by Paul Gerhardt
    71 Jul.18 Spurgeon Search the Scripture, by Charles H. Spurgeon
    70 Jun.30 Spurgeon Great Things: Encouraging Words From the Pen of Charles H. Spurgeon
    69 Jun. 9 Rutherford A Letter From Samuel Rutherford (2)
    68 Jun. 2 Whitlock Running the Race
    67 May 19 Bridges A Soft Answer (Proverbs 15:1), by Charles Bridges (d. 1869)
    66 May 12 Grob The Shed Blood: A Sonnet, by Robert Grob
    65 Apr.21 Holy Bible Wise Sayings About Guidance
    64a Apr. 4 Strickland Easter Greetings Letter
    64 Apr. 4 Near A Breakfast on a Charoal Fire, by Mark Near
    63 Mar.24 Chambers My Utmost for His Highest
    62 Mar.17 Alexander Patrick
    61 Mar.10 Holy Bible Repentance: A Change of Thoughts
    60 Mar. 3 Burgess Table for Two, by Kirsten Burgess
    59 Feb.25 anonymous Characteristics of Real Love
    58 Feb.18 various Quoes on the Conscience
    57 Feb.11 Augustine Augustine on Abraham
    56 Jan.28 Holy Bible I Will Love Them Freely
    55 Jan.21 Spurgeon Meditation for This Morning, by C.H. Spurgeon
    54 Jan. 7 Spurgeon Cast Your Care
    53 Jan. 1 Spurgeon A Song for the New Year, 1996

Logo Sunday Snippets 1995:

    51 Dec.17 Olearius Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People, by John Olearius
    50 Dec.11      Hymn of Incarnation
    49 Nov.26 Gurnall Too Proud for Heaven
    48 Nov.19 Owen The Preface to A Declaration of the Glorious Mystery of the Person of Christ by Dr John Owen
    47 Nov. 5 Rabbi Jesus A Different Standard of Kindness
    46 Oct.22 Flavel, Rutherford, Adams Quotes on Humility
    45 Oct.15 Calvin Biblical Teachings on Prayer
    44 Oct. 8 Strickland Thanksgiving
    43 Sep.24 Muirhead A Hymn - A Prayer (John Muirhead)
    42 Sep.17 Grob Bought With a Price (A Sonnet from War in the Spirit (1994)
    41 Sep.10 unknown The Gossip
    40 Aug.27 Grob Poem by R. Grob: A Devotional
    39 Aug.20 Holy Bible Metrical Psalms (Psalm 87)
    38 Aug.13 Gurnall On Promises in Adversity (William Gurnall)
    37 Jul.30 Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress (Excerpt)
    36 Jul.23 Á Kempis A Prayer (Á Kempis)
    35 Jul.16 Rutherford A Letter from Samuel Rutherford
    34 Jul. 9 Tolkien Tobit's Advice
    33 Jul. 2 various The Nation
    32 Jun.25 Bridges A Commentary on Ecclesiastes (3:6) by Charles Bridges
    31 Jun.18 ancient Irish hymn Be Thou My Vision
    30 May 28 Bridges A Commentary on Proverbs (22:11), by Charles Bridges
    30a May Note Subscription and access to Sunday Snippets
    29 May 21 Turner Casper ten Boom Mini-biography
    28 May 14 Holy Bible One Final, Complete Sacrifice
    27 Apr.30 Reynolds "On God's Holiness,", by Edward Reynolds
       Apr.14 Holy Bible Special Issue: For His People, Good... (Isaiah 53)
    25 Apr. 9 Spurgeon Christ Given as a Covenant
    24 Apr. 2 Michael Nails: A Good Friday Poem
    23 Mar.26 anonymous Geese (Teamwork)
    22 Mar.19 Holy Bible Titus 2:11
    21 Mar. 4      What is Your Only Comfort?
    20 Feb.26 Heidelberg Catechism Letter to Diognetus
    19 Feb.19 Nash He is All (A Poem)
    18 Feb.12 Holy Bible Nehemiah 9: The National Confession
    17 Feb. 5 Spurgeon Spurgeon: Method of Pardon & Need for Refuge
    16 Jan.28      Epistle Dedicatory of the 1611 Translation: Of Things Temporal and Eternal
    15 Jan.22 various Quotes on Affliction & the Believer
    14 Jan.15 Blake Jerusalem: The Poem
    13 Jan. 8 Andre My Hiding Place

Logo Sunday Snippets 1994:

    12 Dec.24 Augustine On Christmas
    11 Dec.11 various Quotes on Christ as the Manifestation of God
    10 Dec.11 Francis of Assisi A Prayer Worth Remembering
    9 Nov.27 Mote The Solid Rock
    8 Nov.20 Sproul An Example of Hope in a Harsh Prison
    7 Nov.13 Holy Bible The First Psalm

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