Jesus' Witnesses

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Various Monographs

Anonymous untitled comments. (undated). JWs believe that God cannot lie, and anything from God is by definition truth. This is the reason the Bible is considered infallible, by JWs. However, the writings of the WTBTS are NOT considered infallible, and hence, it is NOT "directly from God." At best it is indirect through the study of scripture and guidance from God's spirit. [jwlie1.txt]

General Text

Anonymous, undated. Comments on WBTS prophecy applied to WBTS 'Studies in the Scriptures'. The Watchtower clearly invites one to check out their past predictions and dares one to find fault with it (sort of like what Gary Hart said when he challenged news reporters to find anything about his past that wasn't squeaky clean). ...Let's start with how the Watchtower itself originally came up with the 1914 date which JW's looked for clues for the end of time in the "Great Pyramid" (let me point out again that this comes directly from Watchtower publications)... [jw-008.txt]

Dialogue between Carl McCaskey and Carla Rygula, WBTS prophecy, world to end 1975. [jw-040.txt]

The False Prophets. Posted by Joe Grossinger, The Prophecy Board [bbs]. (undated) [jw-027.txt]

A History of Disappointments. (undated). Posted through ABBA II, Christian BBS. [jw-020p.txt]

Jehovah's Witnesses and Pyramids, by James K. Walker. (undated) [jw-060.txt]

Jehovah's Witnesses Claim to Be Prophets: Prophecies of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses. (undated) [jw-055.txt]

One Hundred Years of Divine Direction, compiled by The Christian Research Institute. (undated) [jw-051.txt]

Watchtower False Predictions, by Thomas Carl McCaskey. (undated) [jw-030.txt]

WTBTS and Prophecy. Dialogue between Carl McCaskey and Herb Sutter. (undated) [jw-046.txt]

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Jesus' Witnesses

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